• Wonderful Secret Part Two (if you missed part one just click wonderful secret)

    Wonderful Secret part two l continues as I retell the Wonderful Secret story to one of my dear friends Kelly while we were at a […]

  • Adulting and Car Buying is a sponsored post 

    Adulting and car buying are definite signs of being grown up. Buying a car is now on the mind of my oldest daughter.  Kaitlyn is “adulting” now and living on her o […]

  • Disclosure:  This sponsored post for Outstanding OVO Show is part of a US Family Guide promotion.  In exchange for this publication, My Best of Both Worlds will received complimentary tickets to see the show in or […]

    • The show was wonderful & inspiring. Who thinks these shows up, what an imagination. I have seen other shows by Cirque in Las Vegas. I saw Mystère twice and “O” and I must tell you I am never disappointed.
      The Nassau Coliseum is really wonderful, very comfortable seats & even have cup holders and more leg room.
      This is not your usual circus, these shows allow you to use your imagination, the colors, the music & the performers are all outstanding, and you really don’t know where to look. These is so much going on & each “new” act becomes your favorite, they all outdo each other.
      I would definitely recommend OVO to everyone as a MUST SEE.

  • Disclosure:  This sponsored post for British Soccer Camp ROCKED Again! is part of a US Family Guide promotion.  In exchange for this publication, My Best of Both Worlds received a complimentary week long soccer ca […]

    • Shawn replied 6 months ago · ·

      After spending a week with Ross and Sean my little guy has the soccer fever. All week long he talked about the drills and the facts he was learning . They even gave him homework and he did it without complaint, those coaches must be good to get my son to do homework during the summer without complaint. He had a terrific time and learned a lot all I can say is thanks for having the camp.

    • I must say, you are exactly right…Sean Eddie came home every day with a new story of what he did or learned. He was so excited in explaining just how a play was made or how a skill was learned, he would jump up from the dinner table & show us how this or that kick was done. His footwork was amazing & I have to say he put everything he had into it, You could tell he loved it & was soooooo tired every night, it was really a full day.
      I would recommend British Soccer Camp to any parent who is looking for a wonderful & fun experience for their child.

  • A Wonderful Secret!

    “Holding a wonderful secret” is the name of the note in my notepad.

    Holding a wonderful secret is like having butterflies in my stomach and feels lots like fizziness.

    Watching the two […]

    • What a fantastic story, they are great kids, both of them. I still don’t know how you didn’t give it away. After you told me, Kaitlyn called & I almost congratulated her. I stopped short as the words were about to leave my mouth.

      I can’t believe that she is going to get married. As my first granddaughter I can’t imagine that she’s all grown up….who would have thought.

      Scott was soooooo sweet to ask for your Blessing & approval, that’s getting started on the right foot with momma. Even though I know what happens next, I can’t wait to read about it, because it is VERY funny….So excited for them and love them…

  • Welcome to the EvgieNev Decals Giveaway!
    Disclosure: My Best of Both Worlds did not receive any compensation of any sort to participate in this EvgieNev Decals Giveaway.  This is just another great giveaway tha […]

  • Living the Good Life

    They say time flies when you are having fun and they are right.  We are truly blessed to be Living the Good Life.  I wrote Too Blessed to be Stressed and I’m finally taking a breather to […]

  • Disclosure:  This sponsored post for Dino Days Giveaway is post is a result of me being a Liberty Science Center Blog Ambassador for the day.  My Best of Both Worlds was provided with complimentary vouchers for o […]

  • Disclosure:  This Dino Dig at Liberty Science Center post is a result of me being a Liberty Science Center Blog Ambassador for the day.  My Best of Both Worlds was provided with complimentary vouchers for our v […]

    • When they got home from the Liberty Science Center, they talked & talked about what a fun time they had. I told them that I too had gone a couple of years ago with a friend & we also had a very fun time.. I was in my late 60’s at the time & found the place to be fascinating & like my daughter I also found the gift shop to be a notch above many others & I remember buying Sean Eddie a Salt Lamp…
      It doesn’t matter how young or old you are….you will enjoy it

  • Disclosure:  This sponsored post for Cirque du Soleil OVO is coming! is part of a US Family Guide promotion.  In exchange for this publication, My Best of Both Worlds will receive complimentary tickets to see th […]

  • Too Blessed to Be Stressed

    A while back a very dear friend of mine gave me a bangle bracelet with the word “Blessed” stamped into the metal.  It’s a great reminder of our friendship and loyality as well a […]

    • it would really be wonderful if there were less negativity. Since the election there is so much hate & nastiness spewing from people I never would have imagined had it in them.
      People should chant some of the above sayings as their mantra & it will become a habit….
      I too am very Blessed, I have a wonderful family, food, shelter and a good life in general… I can’t ask for anything more..

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  • Disclosure:  This sponsored post for British Soccer Camp is back! is part of a US Family Guide promotion.  In exchange for this publication, My Best of Both Worlds will receive complimentary week long soccer ca […]

    • I would recommend this camp to anyone interested in seeing their kids have a great experience…I am “sonny boys” grandma & I would go pick him up when session was over, I would arrive early & just watch & see the enthusiasm all the kids displayed..they loved the coaches & learned quite a bit from them, the coaches were patient and friendly…I know my grandson LOVED their British accent..
      I do know that when the camp was over, he was very sad & said he couldn’t wait for next year….well it here…

      It is a great time & will make a wonderful memory for your child…

  • Welcome to My Best of Both Worlds’ Guest Blogging feature Financial Fridays! 
    guest blog post by Susan Quigley, CFP
    Financial Fridays is back with how to create a Spending Plan.  

    Many years ago I went on a […]

  • The Wedding Salon Giveaway is here!  If you’ve been following along with my guest blog series called Financial Fridays, then you will know who Susan Quigley, CFP is already, if you don’t click here and find […]

  • Welcome to My Best of Both Worlds’ Guest Blogging feature Financial Fridays!
    And it’s Budget Time!
    My name is Susan Quigley and I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) that will help you balance the Best of B […]

  • Main Street Connections is a company that my best friend Lynda Lederer-Natale founded.  In 2016 after speaking with many Main Street business owners Lynda decided it was time to spread her knowledge and help […]

    • lynda replied 1 year, 4 months ago · ·

      Thank you my friend. Having friends who believe in me help dreams become real xoxoxoxo

    • I am what you would call a “dinosaur” & even I am amazed by how much is done via social media…I think that there is a great need for this type of service, because of other dinosaurs out there or people that have to much on their plate already.

      Not everyone is able to use social media to it’s fullest potential, that is why it is so important to use the services of someone like Lynda…she has years of knowledge of what wworks & what doesn’t…

  • How to Survive a Mass Shooting
    This is a blog I never imagined writing.
    However I feel compelled to share the information that was shared with me while at Interact 4.0 training. Last week, I had two full days of […]

    • It is a sorry world that we live in, so it’s very important that we have this information. I pray that we will not have to use it, but it is good to know, thank you for sharing……

  • Financial Fridays are here!

    What are Financial Fridays you ask? Well I’d like to introduce my dear friend Susan Quigley, CFP.  Susan will be posting on these Financial Fridays about you guessed it: […]

  • Goats for Sale Book Review.  Disclosure:  My Best of Both Worlds did not receive any compensation financial or otherwise in the promotion of this book review.  All opinions expressed are true and my own and my so […]

    • Ms. Dorothy Carbo, you are an inspiration for all of us seniors. Sean Eddie does love to read & his endorsement of your book says a lot.I wish you continued success with your upcoming books.
      I also would like to thank Kathleen for bringing this inspiring story to us.

    • lynda replied 1 year, 4 months ago · ·

      sounds like a great book.. maybe Sean Eddie can come and read it with Nick next time you come over

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