• Free Jewellery for a Selfie.  Yep you read that correctly, Trinkets Jewellery owner Fiona De Buitlear is offering a piece of free jewellery for a selfie.  In her brilliant campaign to promote a positive body i […]

    • I hope she does really well, I think that this is a very important subject. How we project ourselves says a lot about us. If you feel good about yourself it comes through in everything we say & do…

    Vikings to open on February 5, 2016

    What does the word Viking bring to mind? Ruthless warrior and merciless […]

  • It’s easy to be a hero donate blood.  It’s really that simple!  Did you know January is National Blood Donor Month?   Contributions of blood and platelets really do help save people’s lives.  I’m a big bel […]

  • Pride & Prejudice & Zombies FREE Tickets!

    You know at My Best of Both Worlds we LOVE LOVE LOVE ZOMBIES–so when we got the opportunity to promote Pride & Prejudice & Zombies in exchange for preimer tickets to […]

  • Time flies when you are living your life!
    Yep that about sums it up! It’s been quite some time since I sat down to blog.  I really can’t believe it’s mid-October- nope scratch that early December! So many […]

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  • Join the EnrichLIves Movement

    Staycationing on Long Island for the Summer? Well I’ve been anything but home this summer with two huge international trips under my belt; but now I’m home for sure and enjoying […]

  • Disclosure:  This Monster Jam up close! post is a sponsored post.  My Best of Both Worlds did not recieve any financial compensation in exchange for this publication or subsequent promotion.  We will be received […]

    • I know for sure that Sean Eddie had a blast…he talked non stop about meeting all his favorites & showed me the autographs that he collected….asked him what was his favorite part & he went on for 15 minutes describing the event from when he got there until the end…so if I had to guess, I would say he loved it all….he is already talking about next year…

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    Collage.com $25 Giveaway!
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  • ThumbnailI love Collage.com

    Disclosure: I love Collage.com  This review post is brought to you by Collage.com  My Best of Both Worlds did not recieve any compensation in exchange for this publication and subsequent […]

    • The invites were beautiful & my friend called me to tell me she thought it was great..she loved that it was a blackboard & said the pictures brought back many, many memories. The pictures were sharp & clear & the text was just right….I’m sure that when I get a thank you, I will comment on that also…

      Meanwhile I want to wish my granddaughter the best that life has to offer, I know she worked very, very hard to get to this point. I am truly Blessed that I am her gramma…Love you…

    • Got my thank you card the other day & it is as impressive as the invite…. the pictures are crisp & clear & the message was just right….
      My granddaughter is on her way to Australia as I write this & I miss her already & can’t wait to hear about her adventure..

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    Hosted by: Giveaway Monkey and Sponsored By: ZIIIRO!

    One lucky winner will get a ZIIIRO Mercury Watch in Black/Ocean!

    ZIIIRO Mercury Watch is designed to make time […]

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  • ThumbnailMonster Jam Affordable Family Fun!


    Disclosure:  This Monster Jam Affordable Family Fun! post is a sponsored post.  My Best of Both Worlds did not recieve any financial compensation in exchange for this […]

  • ThumbnailPalliative Care-What you need to know

    As a part of my new role and promotion at work, I recently joined our Palliative Care Committee and after only two meetings, I felt the need to blog about the topic, […]

  • ThumbnailPlumbers Hero Review

    Disclosure:  This Plumbers Hero Review is a sponsored post.  My Best of Both Worlds did not recieve any financial compensation in exchange for this publication or subsequent promotion.  We […]

  • Thumbnail5 Trades Away- Turning Chopsticks into Transports for Expectant Moms

    So it all started when I opened an email from Maria Bailey late last Friday night and watched this incredible video! And instantly, just […]

  • ThumbnailMonster Energy SuperCross was Action Packed!

    Disclosure:  This Monster Energy SuperCross was Action Packed! post is a sponsored post.  My Best of Both Worlds did not recieve any financial compensation in […]

  • ThumbnailIt’s on Us! Take the pledge!

    One thing that makes me so proud as a Mom, is seeing my children take a stand and make a difference.  My oldest daughter Kaitlyn is a senior at SUNY Cortland and is taking a stand […]

    • She is one very sharp young lady…never one to wait for others to do what she could do herself….
      Makes me proud to be her gramma & your mom….obviously you did a great job in shaping her into who she is today.
      “It’s on Us” is a very important..let’s other young women know that they are not alone & isolated..there are people who really care & are there to help out.
      Keep up the good work, we are all very proud of you..

    • My daughter continually makes me proud! Over the years she has demonstrated a keen intellect as well as an astute judgment. The active role she has taken in her community along side of her sorority sisters amply demonstrates her charecter and compassion. This world is a far better place with her in it.

      That being said it is not her judgement nor her charecter that worry me, rather it’s the @$$#0£€$ out there who prey upon their fellows that cause me grey hairs and sleepless nights. A program like this demands that people develop and maintain better “situational awareness ” and than can only be a good thing.

      Have I told you how proud my daughter makes me?

  • ThumbnailEARTH DAY 2015

    Each April we are reminded to conserve our greatest resource- our planet.  Sometimes this may seem a bit overwhelming and many are not sure where to start to make a difference.  After traveling […]

  • Thumbnail Disney Live! Review

    Disclosure:  My Best of Both Worlds is publishing this Disney Live! Review of Three Classic Fairy Tales Review post in exchange for receiving complimentary tickets to the show from Feld […]

    • It was a wonderful show…I was very fortunate to be included..The show was fantastic & the music divine, my favorite part was to watch the reaction of my grandchildren & that of all the little princes & princesses around us, the pure joy to see them so into it. I love all the inter action with the audience made everyone (adults included) feel like part of the show..
      Disney shows are always good & this was no exception….can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future…

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