• Goats for Sale Book Review.  Disclosure:  My Best of Both Worlds did not receive any compensation financial or otherwise in the promotion of this book review.  All opinions expressed are true and my own and my so […]

    • Ms. Dorothy Carbo, you are an inspiration for all of us seniors. Sean Eddie does love to read & his endorsement of your book says a lot.I wish you continued success with your upcoming books.
      I also would like to thank Kathleen for bringing this inspiring story to us.

  • Disclosure:  Mirrorvana Magnification Mirror Review is a sponsored post. My Best of Both Worlds received a complimentary Mirrorvana Magnification Mirror in order to facilitate a review.  No other compensation w […]

    • I have a couple of mirrors, but the are either hand held or have a stand…none of them are good for my needs…I like this one because it looks like it attaches with suction & I love the lights…for all my “plucking” needs now I have to be in my car in the sunlight..I never got one that mounted, because I wouldn’t have been able to mounnt it, but this looks like a winner…

  • Free Storks Movie Passes! That’s right! YOU readers of My Best of Both Worlds are invited to this Long Island Advanced Screening of the Storks Movie.  I have free family four packs of passes to the first […]

  • Beware Pedant Alert!
    Oh my we are on the high alert in my house- pedant alert that is. According to Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary the simple definition of Pedant is: a person who annoys other people by […]

    • Hey, I resemble that remark…..

      I never considered myself a pedant, how can that be..where did this label come from…surely not me…not that I want to correct you, but you are soooooo wrong about that…your husband & your children are definetly pendants, but not me…I don’t know where you get your information, we will have to discuss this at the dinner table…

      There’s no argument about we truly love each other….

  • Back to School $150 Amazon Giveaway Event 2016
    We’re giving away $150 to AMAZON!

    Well back to school is right around the corner and who couldn’t use $150 to go shopping on Amazon?  I’ve already done our […]

  • Nine Lives Giveaway

    My family loves a good movie and Nine Lives looks to be a good one!  I’m a big fan of Kevin Spacey, and no doubt, his dry wit will surely be highlighted in this film.  I’m looking forward t […]

    • Sounds like a great family movie…If Kevin Spacey & Jennifer Garner are in it, it will also be a good movie..
      A 4 pack of tickets is a great prize, but you need to be in it to win it…so sign me up….

  • Bad Moms Night Out!

    We’ve all had those MOMents as MOMs were we’ve felt judged, overwhelmed, exhausted, over-scheduled and underappreciated.  We’ve also had MOMents where we’ve been incredibly moved, proud, a […]

  • Organ donation saving lives and giving hope!

    Don’t take your organs to heaven-heaven knows we need them here!

    This is a popular bumper sticker that speaks volumes! Organ donation is so important, we […]

    • Great article, people need to be aware of how much they can help…after all, you can’t use them after you die but can allow someone in need the use of them and live a fuller life, they could be a mom, dad, a honey or a child just beginning their journey..It’s easy to sign up…So, if you decide you want to donate make sure that your wishes are known…You can make a difference…

    • I think it’s great that everyone gives organ donation some consideration! Don’t bring those organs to heaven-heaven knows we need them here is so true!!

    • It’s such a difficult decision for another family member to have to make-that’s why its so very important to have dicussed your wishes with your family so they understand what you want to do.

  • Trimesters of Pregnancy

    Sick and tired
    Awwwww Baby Kicked
    Get. This. Baby. OUT! NOW!!!!!!!!

    Get. This. Baby. OUT! NOW!!!!!!!! That has been the mantra of my dear friend Aprilee for the last two […]

    • We are all praying for you Aprilee, once your beautiful baby boy is here we will all rejoice with you…I have to agree with Kathleen about being so sick EVERY day, I don’t know how you carry on…but carry on you do….
      I am praying for you to deliver a beautiful, healthy & happy baby boy VERY soon (now)…Love you Aprilee…

  • Disclosure: Christmas Shopping in July with Groupon is a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed are true and my own.  There are no affiliate links contained within this post.  
    Start your Christmas shopping in […]

    • I haven’t used Groupon myself, but have heard only awesome things about it. I will have to try it myself, especially since I really can’t do the malls anymore. I still like to give gifts, but I am not a fan of treking from store to store….

  • Disclosure:  This sponsored post for British Soccer Camp ROCKED! is part of a US Family Guide promotion.  In exchange for this publication, My Best of Both Worlds received a complimentary week long soccer camp ex […]

    • I can indeed verify that he was super delighted with the camp & all he learned…He loved his coaches & delighted in trying to imitate their accents…he cracks me up (but then I am his gramma) so he does that quite often….
      I can also say that the other children also enjoyed their time at the camp, I always arrived early to watch him & saw that all the children were really enjoying it also…
      I think it’s a great learning experience & just a good time in general…

  • Sunday Funday at Splish Splash
    Disclosure: Sunday Funday at Splish Splash is a sponsored post. In exchange for this publication, My Best of Both Worlds received complimentary admission to visit Splish Splash in […]

    • Really looks like lots of fun…I only wish I were able to go with you just to watch their faces…When they fall asleep on the ride home, you know that they had a blast.
      I do wish someone was able to snap your picture on Bootleggers’ Run, that would have been fun to see…
      It really looks like a fun family place, where you have have lots of fun…

  • Top Five Tips for Making More Time!

    Many times over my career, I’ve heard how many hours are in your day Kathleen?
    Well I’ve got the same 24 hours as everyone else, no matter what people think. I just try to […]

  • Applebees Date Night Giveaway is here! 

    Disclosure:  Applebees invited My Best of Both Worlds to be their guest and experience their new wood-fired offering menu items.  The food was provided compliments of Ap […]

    • I think this is a great giveaway. I loved the story you did on your date night & wouldn’t mind going myself to try it out. Last time I was in Applebee’s I was living in Vegas….need to try the NY locations…..

    • i love the salads and Sweet boy loves the chicken fingers and wings

  • Disclosure: This sponsored post for Himalayan Salt Shop is part of a US Family Guide promotion.  In exchange for this publication, My Best of Both Worlds will recieve a Himalayan Salt Lamp in order to facilitate a […]

    • When I bought the lamp for Sean Eddie, I didn’t realize that it had all these wonderful benefits. I bought it because it was beautiful & different. I had first seen this type of lamp on HGTV & was wowed by them.
      I’m thrilled that it is also a way of keeping the air clean, if I knew that I would have bought one for each of my grandchildren…
      I love that when he opened his gift, his face lit up & that was all I needed, but I’m so glad it does so much more…

  • Date night at Applebees.

    Disclosure:  Applebees invited My Best of Both Worlds to be their guest and experience their new wood-fired offering menu items.  The food was provided compliments of Applebees in o […]

    • It sounds like a wonderful evening. I’ve always been an advocate of alone time & a great start is dinner out. You get to relax & talk while others do the “getting”, so what could be better. Well that would be good food & after talking to you I know you got that..sounds like a great experience was had..
      Mother, daughter alone time would be good also (just saying) & I would love to go to Applebees….

  • Looking for something family friendly and fun to do in NYC?  Then look no further than Discovery Times Square.

    Ranked among the top five most-visited […]

  • One and Done!

    So my last blog entitled “Brush your teeth” was a bit of a rant, it also highlighted the difference in my opinion on raising girls vs boys. I say it all the time, boys are so different from gir […]

    • They all looked so beautiful in their communion outfits. So, it doesn’t matter if it took you days or minutes to get just the “right” one… I had one of each & I must say it was much easier raising your brother then you. but you both turned out to be fantastic, caring human beings & I couldn’t be more pleased..Love you both very much & I will say enjoy, because you are so right, time does fly by sooooooooooo quickly & they grow up much to quickly…

  • Summer Camp Digital Media Academy 

    Disclosure: This Summer Camp Digital Media Academy  post is sponsored via US Family Guide.  My Best of Both Worlds will recieve a promotion item in exchange for publication an […]

    • What a great concept & I know one special girl names Kristen, who would thrive in this atmosphere…she is smart & inquesitive & just the type of person who would get a lot out of this program…I can’t wait to hear more about this camp…

  • Disclosure:  Splish Splash into Summer is a sponsored post.  In exchange for this publication, My Best of Both Worlds will recieve complimentary admission to visit Splish Splash in order to facilitate a review. N […]

    • With the warm weather upon us, this is a great way to keep cool & have lots of fun…I know that everytime you go the kids have a ball & so do you..

      It’s great that it is right here on Long Island & you don’t have to travel too far..woo hoo, no tolls…that in it’s self is a saver & discounted tickets, it doesn’t get any better….

    • I’ll be posting plenty of pictures when we visit in July–in the meantime-just head on over to their website and you won’t be dissappointed!

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