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Adoption Resources

Adoption resources are key when one begins their journey of adoption exploration.  Gathering information was very important to me so I felt well versed and prepared to ask the appropriate questions.  Talking to people at the various agencies as well as those in support groups provided invaluable.  There are many many more adoption resources that are available by contacting your local government offices for child welfare and by Googling as well.  Good luck in  your journey remember there are no unwanted children-just unfound families.


Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Alliance for Children Adoption Agency ( this was the agency that I used to adopt my daughter from China

Adoption S.T.A.R Adoption Agency

Bethany Christian Services Adoption Agency

National Adoption Center

Freddie Mac Foundation Wednesday’s Child

Adoptions from the Heart

Spence-Chapin Adoption Agency

Catholic Guardian Society and Home Bureau Adoption Agency

Adoptive Parents Committee (Support Group)

Families with Children from China (Support Group):

Aaron Britvan, Adoption Attorney

4 thoughts on “Adoption Resources

  1. mel says:

    My friend is adopting so I will be sure to send to her. Thanks!

  2. Meghan Kish says:

    So great that you adopted a child. My boss did as well – and I know what a long process it was. Great to have resources in one place!

  3. I know someone going through the adoption process! Will definitely pass this on. Thanks!

  4. Changing a child’s life is a great honor!

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