A Birthday and an Anniversary Wrapped Up in One!

March 6, 2018 in appreciation, Best of Both, birthday, memories, motherhood by MyBestofBothWorlds

A birthday and an anniversary wrapped up in one! It’s been a while, since I’ve blogged and I truly miss writing for the sake of writing to share my experiences in My Best of Both Worlds. As I’ve begun, my third doctoral class, it’s been hard to fit it all in and keep up with everything. But it hit me today, while I took a break for lunch. Tomorrow March 7th is a big day, my oldest daughter’s birthday. Kaitlyn will be 24! I’ve been a Mom for 24 years! WOW!

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn and Happy Anniversary of Motherhood to me!

The beautiful girl who made me a Mom 24 years ago!

What a winding road full of too many wonders to recount. As I look around my office, I see so many beautiful photos, mementos, and hanging proudly on my office wall is our family calendar. Each year Kaitlyn makes me a photo calendar for Christmas with lots of crazy selfies, fun photos and quotes.  It’s a delight to view each day and reminds me of all I have.

Where has all this time gone? It’s slipped by-but believe you, me-I’m living life and making every minute count. I have written before about just how blessed I am to live this life. My mantra for My Best of Both Worlds: The secret to having it all is believing you already do and I do! This still remains true today.

Every day is truly a gift. And it today’s world my attitude of gratitude makes all the difference for me-otherwise……..





So some people may see this March 7, 2018, as just an ordinary day, a work day, a Wednesday, an almost snow day, or a hump day as some call it, but for me, it’s a birthday and an anniversary wrapped up in one! And I’m going to celebrate it.  Hope you have as great a day as you make it!