Wonderful Secret Part Two

October 2, 2017 in Best of Both, engagement, relationships, wedding by MyBestofBothWorlds

Wonderful Secret Part Two (if you missed part one just click wonderful secret)

Wonderful Secret part two l continues as I retell the Wonderful Secret story to one of my dear friends Kelly while we were at a playdate.  She is a physical person and begins to slap my arm repeatedly telling me how she can’t believe I’m going to be a mother-in-law and a mother of the bride!

Within about twenty minutes of me sharing this fantastic news with her, my phone alerts me to a text message at 2:50 pm.  It’s from Scott.

And it reads “hey Kathleen, I originally wanted to propose to Kaitlyn during a weekend getaway, but we are booked for two months so I think I’m going to take her to a lake she loves up here for a romantic fire.  I think she will still really like it.  My reason for saying this is because we don’t have plans tonight and it is actually a nice day so I really want to do it tonight and then there is a smiley face emoji”

After I read it, re-read it and then read it aloud to Kelly, she in earnest began slapping my arm harder (yes she left a mark) I typed back


Text #2


Text #3

I know she is going to LOVE that!!!!! I’m so excited for you both!!!!!

Scott responds

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I know you are visiting with friends today. I’m going to ask her if she wants to go tonight. Hopefully she doesn’t say no, lol.

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH now we are so great.  Just got big happy hugs!!! So happy!! Kelly is glad to share this special moment.  She better say yes to going!!!

So now Kelly and I are in a bounce play with our kids and just letting the news sink in.  Kaitlyn had Facetimed us earlier in the day to say hello.  Kelly says well you can’t call her back like you promised on the way home.  Oh hell no I respond—you are so right I can’t!! We both have laugh.  And now I have this wonderful secret again—bursting inside of me!!

I get back to Long Island around 7:30 or so and as I show the text message exchange to my hubby and Mom, Kaitlyn posts a picture about a spontaneous road trip they are going on.

Spontaneous Road Trip–I think NOT!!!!

Excitement is personified and the wait continues.

So the pins and needles start-wondering when they will get there, how will it unfold.  I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself.

About an hour later Kaitlyn posts a beautiful picture as the sun is setting of a bon fire. Her caption is summer nights.  So now I’m really dying.

Bonfire time-means its getting closer


The clock is ticking so slowly, nine o’clock comes and goes, then nine-thirty.  Oh this is too much I tell my husband. I go up to visit my Mom, we are tapping our nails and checking social media for more pictures.  I go back downstairs.  My very pragmatic husband says it will happen when it happens.

I’m holding my cell phone and just keep checking the time.  Finally near ten o’clock, I say out loud this ridiculous and put my phone down, walk to the kitchen to get a drink.  A few minutes later the phone rings and Kaitlyn’s picture comes up.  I am now screaming like a looney toon it’s her – it’s her.  My husband says well aren’t you going to answer it?

I pick up and go right into my professional work voice: helllloooo I answer smoothly-what’s going on? and the excited screaming and hollering was blasting out of the phone!

What a fantastic milestone, event and occasion! There aren’t enough words to describe the pure joy your heart fills with when you see your child so happy!

And YES Kaitlyn & Scott THAT ring does make you guys look engaged!!

What a fantastic milestone, event and occasion! There aren’t enough words to describe the pure joy your heart fills with when you see your child so happy! Looking forward to making some wonderful memories as we enjoy this special time!