Living the Good Life

August 9, 2017 in Adult only time, appreciation, Best of Both, graduation, motherhood, relationships, vacations, wedding by MyBestofBothWorlds

Living the Good Life

They say time flies when you are having fun and they are right.  We are truly blessed to be Living the Good Life.  I wrote Too Blessed to be Stressed and I’m finally taking a breather to re-group.

So many wonderful things have happened over the last year. Last summer my oldest daughter Kaitlyn moved out into her own apartment and began “adulting”.  Working full time as a new third grade teacher and going to graduate school at Syracuse University.  And in April her wonderful boyfriend Scott asked for our permission and blessing to marry Kaitlyn.

He put a ting on it

My baby got engaged!

HOLY COW, I’m gonna be a mother-in-law.  Then it was sitting on pins and needles waiting for him to pop the question.  That’s gonna be a whole other blog-cause it’s the best story.  It became official on June 3rd! We have an engagement party coming up and a wedding date too!  So if that’s not enough to wrap my head around, I’m contending with my baby girl going to college in a few short weeks, I’m barely getting over her prom and how grown up she looked!

Living the Good Life

my beautiful daughter & her boyfriend Prom Ready!

Yep that’s right, my baby girl Kristen graduated from high school at the end of June, with so many honor cords she had to braid them.  Words can’t express how proud we are of her and all of her achievements.

Kristen's graduation

My baby girl just graduated!


We partied hardy! Out to dinner and then a big pool party to celebrate with all of our family and friends.  Such good times!  We just finished her college orientation at SUNY Plattsburgh (yep there will be another blog just about that experience) and now are deep in the throws of acquiring all the things she will need for her dorm.  She’s taking driving lessons and will soon take her road test before she’s off to college.

Then my sonny boy Sean Eddie finishing up the third grade and really just being a joy.  Happy to have me spend time with him, fitting lots of fun activities in that he is the center of!  Taking the day off to see the NY Yankees’ home opener in April with our best friends.  Declaring a “governor’s day” which is taking a day off from work and school to “play hooky” to go to Great Adventure with a group of 30 or so of our friends.  Surprising him by taking another day off of work on his last day of school, to go to a beach party with his friends.  Organizing a small neighborhood pool party and getting lots of floaties with good snacks.  Cause when you are nine years old – it’s all about the snacks!



Celebrating ten years of wedded bliss with my husband Shawn in Antigua at Sandals for our anniversary was heavenly! Scuba diving almost every day, being waited on by amazing butlers and meeting other travelers while enjoying the adult only company of the love of my life was amazing.


My honey went all out and spoiled me!! He surprised me with the most beautiful anniversary band. He did an amazing job picking it out himself and it is perfect.

wedding anniversary

love my anniversary band


Life is good and I’m living it to the fullest every day. Living the good life and always counting my blessings for being able to do so.  There are so many things to be grateful for and to celebrate.  Thank you for letting me share my happiness.