A Wonderful Secret!

August 18, 2017 in Best of Both, Emotions, engagement, motherhood, wedding by MyBestofBothWorlds

A Wonderful Secret!

“Holding a wonderful secret” is the name of the note in my notepad.

Holding a wonderful secret is like having butterflies in my stomach and feels lots like fizziness.

Watching the two of you from the back seat singing and “car dancing” is making my heart so happy.

Looking at the trees and thinking of my Dad and his anniversary in heaven.  Thinking of how he must be beaming from those clouds and the light is touching the leaves and makes them sparkle.  I continue deep in thought about he must be looking down on our love and happiness and it comforts me.

So let me go back to the morning of Saturday April 29, 2017.  I was visiting my daughter Kaitlyn and her boyfriend Scott in Central New York.  I was still in my pj’s and robe, when I offered to make breakfast for all of us.  After a short exchange, Kaitlyn announced she was going to jump in the shower.  As she closed the bathroom door, Scott approached me and anxiously announced he would be right back –he had to ask me a question and show me something.

Literally, my stomach dropped like I was on the tippy top of really big roller coaster because I knew what he was going to ask.  And before I had more time to think about it he was back in front me asking me for permission to marry my daughter.  Even as I type this now a few months later, I’m still emotional and teary or as we say in our house a sappy sap.

Immediately, I started to tear up as Scott told me how much he loves Kailtyn. Then he said how he wanted to ask both Shawn (my husband) and I several weeks earlier but hadn’t had the chance to be alone with us.  And as he talked faster and faster words of love and devotion for my sweet girl falling out, I began to get even more emotional, now fanning my face, happy tears streaming down my cheeks.

Then in a swift movement, he pulled a box from his pants pocket and showed me a gorgeous diamond ring.  I felt like I was getting proposed to and just hugged him so much so that he asked if it was ok? I almost didn’t get it-I was so caught up.  Of course its ok—its more than ok.  So is that a yes, do I have your blessing he said.

How sweet is that?

Of course you have my blessing and Shawn too, as I speak for the two of us.  We know how much you love Kaitlyn and want you both to be happy.  This is so exciting. Then it hit me that she would be out of the shower soon and OMG—how in the world am I going to look at her.

So now I had a million questions in my mind and the first one I was able to articulate was when are you going to pop the question?

Scott said he really wanted to pop the question in Philly when they were away, but hadn’t asked us yet and he wants it to be romantic, so he is thinking of taking her away somewhere.  He had looked at their calendars and thought mid-June, but didn’t want it to be too close to Kristen’s graduation to overshadow that or take away anything from her.  (Score another Brownie point—so thoughtful).  He said he would keep me posted and I hugged him again and thanked him profusely as its hard to be so far away.

With that we hear the water turn off, so he puts the ring back and I scoot him back to the bedroom and advise him to get it insured and hide it really good, because she is a snope like her mother LOL.

Kaitlyn comes out of the bathroom and asks where breakfast?  Breakfast? I reply like it’s a foreign concept all together. And then she notices my eyes, so I quickly pick up my phone and in my Facebook memories my Dad’s pictures come up as it’s the anniversary of his death and blame my sappiness on him.  She buys it of course, why wouldn’t she and sets off to the their bedroom to air dry while I get breakfast together.

Scott comes out, yep I bought him enough time distracting her in the kitchen.  Now I’m beside myself cooking breakfast, knowing this wonderful secret and that I’m going to be with them until late on Sunday before I fly home.

So if you thought it was hard to eat breakfast, it only gets harder throughout the day.  Having a wonderful secret that makes you want to burst into a million joyful pieces is no easy thing! That’s why I sat in the backseat that morning as we went out and wrote my note, I was beyond giddy!  Then later that evening we had made plans to meet up with Scott’s family.

Saying hello to everyone when we first met up full of knowing smiles.  As the kids the walked further into the exhibit, I turned to Scott’s Mom Mary and gave her a special hug and began rapidly whispering in her ear about Scott and our morning conversation.  She began to tear up and hugged me harder and then of course I got teary.  And then the spell was broken as Mary’s husband Jim came over in a loud voice and said what in the heck are you two whispering about in anything but a whisper.  He was immediately chastised with a loud hiss of Jim! And when the kids turned around, I was grateful for the duskiness of the evening and the distance –so they couldn’t see the two Moms with happy tears in their eyes!

I held in my wonderful secret, until my husband pulled in the driveway of our home after picking me up from JFK that Sunday evening.  As he went to get out of the car, I told him to stay I needed to talk to him.  I sounded all serious and I was, until I started hooting and hollering and retelling the above story to him.  Then I made my way up to my Mom’s house to share the good news with her.  Lots more hooting and hollering ensued!

Now came the wait……..