Dino Dig at Liberty Science Center

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Disclosure:  This Dino Dig at Liberty Science Center post is a result of me being a Liberty Science Center Blog Ambassador for the day.  My Best of Both Worlds was provided with complimentary vouchers for our visit.  All opinions expressed are true and my own.

We were invited by the Jersey Mom Blogs to attend a private blogger event held at The Liberty Science Center this past weekend called Dino Days of Summer.   We definitely got in touch with our inner paleontologist.

Of course being dressed appropriately adds to the fun-so a thanks to my friend, Aprilee for outfitting the kiddos in matching glow in the dark t-Rex tee-shirts.  If you bring your kids in dino-themed clothing you can save $5.00 on a child admission during the Dino Days of Summer-just ask at the LSC box office when you arrive.  Good for up to four children per transaction.  This interactive and fun program will be going on until September 4, 2017.


Our kids really loved making discoveries and becoming paleontologists for the day.  They got to use special tools to remove fossils from blocks of rock which is easier said then done.  They actually both ended up taking their blocks of rock home to continue the unearthing of their fossils.  It was hard work according to Sean Eddie, you have to go slow to be careful not to damage the fossils.

Next we went “on location” to do field work under tents outside to dig for fossils in 34 tons of sand at Jack Horner’s Dino Dig.  The kids armed with special big paint brushes got right into the mix of things and hunted to excavate fossils buried in the sand.  There are over sixty fossils hidden in the exhibit, some very large and other very small.

Our kids “discovered” a triceratops skull while others worked nearby to unearth the body.  There was some excitement once the teeth and jawbone were uncovered.  Then the discussion turned to making guesses about what the dinosaur ate based on the shape of its’ teeth.

The way the exhibit is set up lends to its authenticity, with cooling sun shades set up, so we can be outdoors in the summer, but be shielded to some extent from the sun, making it an enjoyable endeavor.  The kids spent quite some time digging and talking with LSC team members about their discoveries.

Our day didn’t end with the dino dig, as a matter of fact it only just got started.  We literally spent the entire day at the Liberty Science Center and didn’t get to see all of the exhibits.  So we need to plan a return trip before the summer is over for sure!  I really want to go back to see the Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition.

The kids enjoyed climbing in the Skeleton of the dinosaur.  Suspended two floors above the main floor and enclosed in special netting, the kids climbed to their hearts content.

Next it was off to the Eat or Be Eaten animals exhibits.  From naked mole rats, to rat Olympics to Tamarins being fed, to fish, to snakes, scorpions and huge ugly gross ewwwwwww huge cockroaches there was lots to see and watch.

Those glow in the dark tee-shirts came in really handy as the kids went into the touch tunnel, where there are NO LIGHTS and you have to crawl through a darkened maze, while infrared cameras pick up your progress at each twist and turn.

The kids are using their mind and body rock climbing!

Then it was off to the fourth floor in Governor’s Hall to learn about the Power of Air and all the invisible forces of air pressure.  We were all impressed.


We literally had to bribe the kids to stop exploring and get some lunch, because us Mommies were hungry.  After some freshly made to order personal pizzas we were back at it.  This time we traveled to the first floor and spent over an hour in the Skyscrapper Zone.  The kids were interested in literally every station contained within this exhibit.

Having just gone to visit the Empire State Building the day before, Sean Eddie was really into learning all about how skyscrapers were built.  So much so I overheard him tell Mehlia how long it took to build the Empire State Building and how many people it took.  When I directed their attention to beams above their heads and pointed out that they too could walk on an I-beam, they bounded up the stairs to check it out.

After both getting harnessed, Sean Eddie was first out and looking fearless as he walked the beams and got a taste of what it was like to be so in the construction business. Mehlia’s turn was next and as she went out onto the beam, she had a change of heart.  She decided it was not for her.  So a LSC team member Jessica talked to her about how safe it was and then offered to go out there with her.  Mehlia took Jessica up on her offer and soon they were both on the beams.

I even tweeted a shout out to Jessica for her kindness and assistance for helping Mehlia be brave and have a great experience.

Another exhibit which really held their interest was all about constructing a skyscraper and earthquakes.  This exhibit let the kids explore using different building materials and strategies to strengthen the structure and then let them test it against simulated earthquakes.  They were both quite intrigued with this process.


And of course no trip to such a fun place would be complete without a trip to the gift shop.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with not only the quality of the selection (not junky like some places) but also the price points for items.  Our kids picked our small plasma balls at $19.99 each.

Both Mehlia and Sean Eddie really loved our visit and talked about coming back again real soon.  I said we sure could as long as I get to pick where we go first next time!

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I know what you are thinking!  You need to plan a trip to Jersey City to go to the Liberty Science Museum with your kids.  Well check back, because My Best of Both Worlds will be giving away a family four pack of tickets so can visit and have fun like we did!

Disclosure:  This Dino Dig at Liberty Science Center post is a result of me being a Liberty Science Center Blog Ambassador for the day.  My Best of Both Worlds was provided with complimentary vouchers for our visit.  All opinions expressed are true and my own.