Goats for Sale

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Goats for Sale Book Review.  Disclosure:  My Best of Both Worlds did not receive any compensation financial or otherwise in the promotion of this book review.  All opinions expressed are true and my own and my sonnyboy’s, we review books because we love to read!

Goats for Sale.  When I put this book on the dining room table my new third grader, flipped open a couple of pages and said, “Mom this is a kids book.”

“Well you’re a kid aren’t you?”, I replied from the kitchen as I was getting a drink.

“I thought we were going to read another chapter of Harry Potter tonight?”

“We will,” I said coming in to sit down, “but first let’s read Goats for Sale.”

Of course, I knew it was coming…….

“Why?”, he sighed.

“Do you remember Patty from my softball team, the one who met us at the batting cages and gave you good pointers?” I asked.

“Yes”, said Sean Eddie.

“Well, her Mommy wrote this book and I thought we could read it together and check it out.”

“Oh, hey can we do a review of it on your blog for them?” Sean Eddie asked.

“Absolutely, that’s exactly what I was thinking.”



Goats for Sale is a book written by Dorothy Carbo (my friend Patty’s Mom) and illustrated by Michael Gancarz. It is a delightful story about Farmer Brown and his unexpected arrival of baby goats on his farm.  Farmer Brown must figure out what to do which implies the name of the story, Goats for Sale.  However the trouble starts when a mischievous, but playful little boy spots Farmer Brown’s sign and decides to have some fun with the sign by changing the letters, so passersby think anything BUT Goats are for sale.

While Sean Eddie had no trouble reading the book aloud, he laughed when he realized what the boy must have changed the letters on the sign to after the folks were inquiring about the items.  He thought the book was clever and he said I could quote him on that.  We enjoyed the story and the rhyming cadence of each new page.

Not only is this an engaging story, but the trickery of the little boy helps the young reader in a fun way to see how just one letter added or taken away can make a new word and give a whole new meaning to things.  I have to agree with Sean Eddie clever indeed.  I will also add entertaining.

Goats for Sale

Sean Eddie Giving Goats for Sale a Big Thumbs Up!

About the Author:  

Dorothy Carbo is now an octogenarian having celebrated her 86th birthday this July. However she is still a child at heart and enjoys having fun with children.

Goats for Sale

She started writing in elementary school (P.S.204) where she was editor of the class newspaper. One of her poems was featured in the New Utrecht High School yearbook.

She attributes much of her penchant for rhyme to Erato, the Muse of poetry. She thinks in iambic pentameter.

She is the mother of 3 grown children; Linda, Patricia, and Joseph; whose partners now include  Eddie, Rachel and Debbie. She dotes on her two grandsons Noah and Zachary who are now away at college. A niece and nephew Patty and Michael added to the brood. Through the years, the stories were written for them.

She was born in Brooklyn, NY ; spent her childhood Summers with relatives in Schenectady, NY where her family originated and now resides in Duchess County.

She attended Hunter College night classes majoring in psychology; completed her Bachelors degree at Brooklyn College in education and sociology and psychology and went on in later years to complete a Master’s degree in counseling at Long Island University.

She was always adept with tools and managed most household minor repairs and decoration. She taught classes in home repair at the Woman School and published “A Fixit Guide for Women” and several articles in Family Circle Magazine.

She always aspired to share her stories with a broader audience and somehow this year the stars aligned and she published “Goats for Sale” a beautifully illustrated tale in rhyme about Farmer Brown and a mischievous neighboring boy. It plays with words for beginner readers and has a happy ending.

She expects to put out “The Cloak” A Justice tale,  shortly followed by “Timmy’s Teddy”.

The pages on her shelf are yellowing with age. Having been written on a manual typewriter and then a Commodore computer saved on 5 ½” floppy disks (Who remembers that?)

She continues to write as inspiration prods and is a member of the Poughkeepsie chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)

She hopes readers enjoy her stories as much as her children and their friends did.

Well Mrs. Carbo we sure enjoyed your book Goats for Sale and look forward to when The Cloak and Timmy’s Teddy are published.  We hope to have the honor to review them as well!

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Goats for Sale Book Review.  Disclosure:  My Best of Both Worlds did not receive any compensation financial or otherwise in the promotion of this book review.  There are no affiliate links contained within this post.  All opinions expressed are true and my own and my sonnyboy’s, we review books because we love to read!