Organ donation saving lives and giving hope!

August 2, 2016 in Best of Both, healthcare, paying it forward by MyBestofBothWorlds

Organ donation saving lives and giving hope!

Don’t take your organs to heaven-heaven knows we need them here!

This is a popular bumper sticker that speaks volumes! Organ donation is so important, we recently had a presentation on this topic at the hospital I work at Mercy Medical Center.  It was a special presentation for healthcare providers.  We got to meet a heart transplant recipient and heard her story, it was quite moving.

Organ DonationAwareness

New York State sadly lags behind the nation in organ donor rates at a sad 18%, while the national average is 43% of adults enrolled in an organ donation program, but on June 9th an extension of Lauren’s Law was passed by the Assembly so that bill A4990B allows 16 and 17 year olds to make the choice of enrolling as an organ donor when they apply for their permits or licenses.

Lauren’s Law was signed by Governor Cuomo in early October 2012 and came into effect in October 2013.  The bill was inspired by Lauren Shields, a 12 year-old girl from Stony Point in Rockland County who received a heart in a transplant operation in 2009 at age 7 after waiting for more than a month for a donor to become available.

The extension of Lauren’s Law for four more years compels applicants for a New York State driver’s license to either answer “yes” to joining the New York State Donate Life registry or “skip this question,” rather than leaving it blank.  This has a major impact, since automatic renewals happen most 16 or 17 year olds weren’t even asked about enrolling in the organ donation program until their late-20’s.

According to Alliance for Donation there are 9,717 people in just New York waiting for an organ to become available.  One person’s donation can save up the lives of eight people with organ donation and with tissue donation up to fifty (50) lives can be improved!  What a gift not only to the recipient but their entire family.

You can easily go on line to register as an organ and tissue donor by going to

It literally took less than five minutes to register and print out the form to sign. Make sure you have a Donation Conversation with your family about your wishes. And help spread awareness using the hashtag #DonationConversation.