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Vikings to open on February 5, 2016

What does the word Viking bring to mind? Ruthless warrior and merciless invader? Or prosperous farmer and enterprising merchant? These questions will be answered when Vikings debuts at Discovery Times Square on February 5, 2016. The acclaimed exhibition is organized by the Swedish History Museum in Sweden, in partnership with MuseumsPartner in Austria.

My Best of Both Worlds will see what it’s like to be a Viking.  My husband is especially excited about this exhibit.  And from past experinces, Discovery Times Square does not disappoint.  As their logo says, It’s more than a museum and I agree!  They have many interactive and hands on learning opportunities, which falls in the category of fun things to do in NYC.

Vikings transports visitors to the Viking Age (8th-11th centuries) brought to light through modern archaeological discoveries. Nearly 500 ancient artifacts—many never before seen outside of Scandinavia—reveal new insights into the legendary people characterized as heartless marauders.

Artifacts on display will reveal glimpses into family and community, religion and rituals, travel and trade, aristocracy and slavery and the roles of women. The exhibition provides insight into the significance of Norse craftsmanship, the power of their mythology, and the symbolism of their ships. A highlight of the exhibition is the Gokstad II, a full-sized model Scandinavian Viking boat, based on historical and archaeological sources.

The exhibition also explores some of the misconceptions surrounding these early Scandinavians. Though there is a Viking helmet replica in the exhibition, visitors won’t find any horned helmets on display. In fact, no Viking helmet has ever been discovered with horns; this image emerged in the 19th century, popularized by authors and artists who romanticized Norse culture. Another myth is that the Vikings called themselves “Vikings.” Generally, the people of early Scandinavia named themselves after the farm, village, or region in which they lived. The word “Viking,” derives from Old Norse, and meant going on a trade or a raid. During the Viking era, people were not always out on these expeditions; most lived as farmers, merchants, and craftsmen.

Striking examples of Viking craftsmanship are on display including exquisitely wrought brooches, depictions of Norse gods, as well as gold and silver pendants—including the oldest known Scandinavian crucifix, highlighting the transition between Old Norse religious practices and Christianity. Viking Age swords and other weapons will also be on display, highlighting the Vikings’ exceptional metal working technologies.
Vikings features a number of interactives, allowing Museum visitors to take part in the excavation of a virtual boat grave, spell a name in runes, explore Norse mythology, and play an early Scandinavian board game. Visitors can pick up an accurate replica of a Viking Age sword and test the weight and balance between handle and blade, discovering the skill it takes to master sword handling.

Vikings brings a new appreciation for the people remembered mainly for their plundering ways. And while raiding and pillaging were mainstays of their culture, Viking society was much more complex and multifaceted; Vikings were skilled craftsmen, successful merchants, and hard-working farmers. Like society today, no one thing defined the Vikings, and research continues to teach us how nuanced these northern people were.

Vikings will run at Discovery Times Square until September 5th, 2016. Advanced ticket prices start at $20.00. Special savings for groups of 10 or more are available with advanced reservation. Once open, the last tickets are sold 60 minutes prior to closing. For individual tickets and venue hours, visit or call 866.9.TSXNYC (866-987-9692) or visit the Discovery Times Square Box Office.


About Discovery Times Square:
Discovery Times Square (DTS) is New York City’s first large-scale exhibition center presenting visitors with limited-run, educational, and immersive exhibit experiences while exploring the world’s defining cultures, art, history, and events. More than a museum, DTS has featured exhibitions of unparalleled breadth, including Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop, King Tut, Pompeii The Exhibit, Dead Sea Scrolls: The Exhibition, Terracotta Warriors: Defenders of China’s, Body Worlds: Pulse, The Art of the Brick, and most recently, Star Wars and the Power of Costume: The Exhibition. DTS is located at 226 West 44th Street (between Broadway and 8th Avenues).


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