Why do men think they can fix everything?

February 13, 2015 in Best of Both, couples, husbands, Kids, motherhood by MyBestofBothWorlds

Why do men think they can fix everything?

Here’s the scene, I walk in from work after picking up my daughter from a late after school activity to find my husband sitting on the couch with a miner’s headlamp on his head, holding my son’s foot in one hand and some type of sharp instrument in his other hand.  My sweet sonny boy is on his tummy crying big big tears.

Horrified I ask what on earth are you doing?  My husband calmly explains that apparently the entire splinter didn’t come out last week and he’s getting it out now.  He continues to say, there’s been some pus and the skin grew over.  I interrupt here and ask him to please stop, so I can look at his foot.  To my utter dismay, I see an angry red swollen area on the bottom of his foot.

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After my cease and desist order, I tell my daughter to get his boots and I carry him out to my car to head to the urgent care center leaving everyone in my wake. I am a Mama Bear on a mission.

Upon arrival and check in, we are asked about my son’s condition and what brought us here today.  The medical assistant is speaking to my son since he is seven and able to describe what happened.

He does his best to explain how he initially got the splinter last week chasing our new puppy and then he describes the couch minor surgery scenario with his Dad and how Mom came home from work and now we are here.  I can see the medical assistant look at me with her eyes questioning the validity of his story and I nod my head ever so slightly to confirm.  She continues the stare so I say yep that’s why we are here.  She immediately puts her head down and finishes typing; soon there after the physician walks in.

As professionally as she can, she acknowledges and re-verifies why are are here this evening.  She kindly tells my son that sometimes, even when you think you got the whole splinter out, a piece can break off and remain inside.  She says she’s going to take good care of him, and besides being a doctor, she’s a Mommy too.  Then she says it’s good that Mom brought you there tonight, because I have all the right equipment here to take care of you.

If there was a thought bubble above her head I would swear it would read “Why do men think they can fix everything?”

Twenty minutes later, after some loud yelling on my son’s part, he’s got a great set of pipes; that big hunk of wood (description as per my son) was removed and he was ll cleaned up.  Next stop would be the pharmacy so we’d be on our way to pick up the e-prescribed antibiotics.

When checking out with the front desk staff member who was super sweet, she even gave my son a teddy bear, because he was so upset.  She was very engaging with him and she was deep in conversation with Sean Eddie and he told her what his Dad tried before coming here.  I got that look again. You know the one over his head with the head tilted and eyes incredulously asking REALLY? Again I nod-REALLY!

Let’s fast forward a day or two now.  So after my son is all taken care of, I am calmer, more reasonable and out of emergency mode.  I know my husband’s love for our son is unconditional and he would never ever intentionally cause him harm. After we spoke, I also know he won’t be performing any more minor surgeries on our couch again and that hopefully I won’t have to remind my sonny boy to wear his slippers again!

However the question still remains- Why do men think they can fix everything?