Christmas Magic

December 23, 2014 in Best of Both, Christmas, Holiday, traditions, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

Where’s the Christmas Magic?

This has been a very hectic time at work for me with the go-live implementation of Optesia (an application of our electronic medical record for the operating room) and I have cherished the time I’ve spent with my children during the days and weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday.  Making chocolate is a family tradition that I’ve been doing for the majority of my life.

My sonny boy Sean Eddie got a promotion this year and not only was he able to add the lollipop sticks, he poured the melted chocolate to create the lollipops.  The grin on his face says it all in my book.

Working together in my kitchen with my children to make our chocolate with love is a great way to spend our weekend days. You can read more about it here Christmas tradition equals chocolate.

I had very mixed emotions when James our Elf on the Shelf made his yearly re-appearance.

Christmas Magic


James our Elf is a real Rascal!  While I was happy to share in my son’s excitement, I got melancholy when HE read the story to me.  Yes, I’m a proud Mama that my first grader is reading so well, but a part of me became so sad about this particular event as it triggered the fact that the magic of our Elf and the belief in Santa is coming to closer to an inevitable end.  It may not be this year, but the thought of not having Christmas Magic in our house got me.

With my oldest daughter now twenty, and my younger daughter fifteen,  I’ve gotten very accustomed to the magic of the season and yes I guess I’ve even taken it for granted over the years.  This year knowing how close I am to the end of this sweet chapter, I am just relishing in it.  We have been having a ball with the Elf and having him do all sorts of rascally things around the house.


When my son got sassy one night about how James should take my phone or computer, I suggested that James take his blankey and horsey a treasured stuffy from birth.  Sean Eddie said no way would HIS elf do that to him.  Well lo and behold, blankey, horsey and pony ended up in our Christmas tree with James holding on tightly.  To say my son was astonished is an understatement.  He was truly flabbergasted and boy did I laugh and laugh and laugh. It was great to tease him about it.  He took it well and then our sitter told me that he got quiet and sad as they got ready for school, he said he couldn’t figure out how James got in his room and took his things.  He started to think about how he was going to go to bed without them.  And the kicker was that he couldn’t tell his friends, since he didn’t want them to know about blankey and horsey and pony.  Oh the problems of a first grader.

Christmas Magic

Here’s the close up version of what James took and sat on in our tree.

Christmas Magic

Well dinner that night was lively and discussion turned to how James should take something of Mommy’s and of course I got extra sassy say no way would he do that to me and of course, James hijacked my laptop and left a great note for Sean Eddie.

Christmas Magic


It read

Good Morning Sean Eddie,

I just wanted to let you know that now it’s your turn to have a good laugh!!

I took Mommy’s computer!  So no more Facebook, Twitter or blogging for her!!



James Your Elf


This incident occurred during the actual go-live when I went to work at 3 am.  He called me at 7 am when he discovered what James had done.  I was in the command center and the whole room got a great laugh at the situation as I already had the pictures on my phone.  That call got me through a really long challenging fifteen hour day!


Wishing you and your family Christmas Magic!