NFL Football Live

October 24, 2014 in Best of Both, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

Are you ready for some football? Well truth be told there is nothing like seeing an NFL Football live and in person.

I haven’t been to an NFL football game in quite some time, nor have I really enjoyed watching a game since my Dad passed away in 2003.  Its not the same without him-it used to be our thing.  He used to take me to Shea Stadium to watch the New York Jets Play when he was a season ticket holder.

When the opportunity to attend a NY Jets game on a recent business trip at the world famous Lambeau field, I jumped at the chance.  Talk about great timing, the Jets were playing the Green Bay Packers in their home opener.


My selfie in front of the entrance to Lambeau field

As I said, I’ve been at many games, but I have to say I’ve never been in an environment with such tail-gating in progress.  The atmosphere was electric.  The clothing, the signs and the cheeseheads galore.  There were people all decked out in their Sunday Packer best.  There were full bards, bbq’s larger than my dining room table and some serious stereo equipment.  We got quite a show, I’d never seen so many cheese shaped clothing items including a cheese bra on a big guy!

Now even though our whole contingent (eight of us) were decked out in our Jets jerseys, everyone ws still super friendly and welcoming.

I was surprised at how many Jets’ fans there were walking around outside the stadium too.  When they saw a fellow Jets fan-we got shout-outs, high-fives, and fist pumps.  This was probably most surprising as I doubt if we were in the Meadowlands at Met Life Stadium that we’d probably not even make eye contact in true NY style.

Only season ticket holders have parking at the stadium, so we continued past to see lots of people with signs on their lawns to park here.

We came along this sign: Parking, Backgate, Bathroom $20-and with five women of our group of eight we all honed in on the word bathroom and decided this was the place to pull in and park.


So onto Todd’s front lawn we went.  The majority of us being from Long Island, found it a foreign concept to park on your front lawn. Todd and his friends then ushered us to his huge and I mean huge garage which was bigger than a NY Studio apartment.  He showed us the bathroom and then to the back gate which opened to the road so all we had to do was cross and be in the stadium’s parking lot.

Once in the stadium, we knew we had a long way to travel as we got nosebleed seats, but at least were were there.  On our travels we met Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.  I couldn’t get pictures with the green Bay Packer Cowboy-he was mobbed.  All of his clothing was also cheese oriented and very festive.

The weather was perfect, no jackets required until the middle of the third quarter.  The game opened with a saluate to our armed services and the fact that it was the 200th anniversary of Francis Scott Key’s Star Spangled Banner.  One of the Green Bay Packer’s hall of famers sang our National Anthem.  Fireworks were set off and being up so high we go were at eye level with them.  And then they had a World War Two bomber plan do the fly-by which was super cool.

At the 3:30 kick-off the stadium was at full capacity at 78,000 fans it was electric.  There were groups of Jets fans dispersed around our group of four.


They may have been nosebleed seats-but they were great!

I won’t get into the play by play, but suffice it to say it was a very exciting first half of the game if you were a Jets fan.  There was a woman who sat directly behind us, who is a lifetime season-ticket holder and repeatedly exclaimed that the Jets and all their fans should go back to New York.

Here's the pretend selfie Sinead & I took to capture our entertainer!!

Here’s the pretend selfie Sinead & I took to capture our entertainer!!

The more the Jets held the Packer’s back the more incited this woman became.  When there was an instant replay that got overturned that looked like a sack / fumble was overturned and ruled a forward shuttle and remained the Jets’ ball, I thought we’d have to call 911.  Oh my goodness, this woman started yelling how Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller could have made a better call.

We had some entertainment on and off the field.  And as the game continued the more animated she became.  As the second half of the game progressed, the Packers started a true comeback, but there were some more close calls.  She began yelling about the refs, being from New York and the instant replay being done there-that al New Yorkers’ had no idea how to play the game.  And yes Steveie Wonder and Helen Keller were mentioned again.  Then she said, I smell a turn-over and it ain’t an apple turnover, then the Packers fumbled and I said I loved apple turn-overs.

During the last quarter of the game Green Bay ws pushing ahead and she was yelling pound ’em pound ’em you got that Geno on the ropes now.  When a Jets player got ejected, the three nurses I was with thought there might be a stroke code in progress—LOL

When one exuberant Jets’ fan yelled out there’s still seventeen minutes left –she retorted WOW Jets’ fans can count. At that point her husband intervened and told her to relax and lay off since they’re noth bothering anyone.  She said that THEY were obnioxus!

We couldn’t help but laugh at all her remarks, timing and her serious attitude surrounding the logistics of each play in the game.

While the Jets made a bone-headed decision calling a time out prior to the snap that resulted in giving bak a touch down after a precision throw to the end-zone, we knew we were going to lose.  Even though the Packers ended up winning the game, it was a very intense and exciting game to be a spectator at even though there was no sign of Stevie Wonder or Helen Keller!

The ladies

The ladies

Sinead, Melissa, Bonnie, Barbara and I posing for a picture and they still took our picture even with all our New York Jets gear.  Bonnie couldn’t resist the cheesehead! Great shot ladies! And what a GREAT TIME!