#MyRocketShake for National Shake Month

August 22, 2014 in Best of Both, Family Fun, food by MyBestofBothWorlds

#MyRocketShake for National Shake Month is an awesome contest sponsored by Johnny Rockets  to celebrate National Shake Month which is in September.  Johnny Rockets is hosting this contest which is open to only the bloggers who attended July Spectacular Blogger Bash NYC.

courtesy of Johnny Rockets

courtesy of Johnny Rockets

When I got the email announcement, I read it to my kids and they were so excited as they were going to be the chefs creating their own special shakes.

I explained that we have to be original and to come up with something yummy that other kids would like to make.  Then we’d have to post the recipe and step by step pictures of them making their cold and creamy sensational shakes.  They were up for the challenge.

I gave them a few days to think about what they wanted to make.  Kristen my fourteen year old knew right away.  She is a big fan of Nutella and made her own concoction at her cousins house.  As for Sean Eddie that took alittle while longer for him to be inspired.

We recently traveled to Hershey Park and it was national s’mores day, so he thought all kids would love a s’mores shake.  He said it sounded good and would taste good too.

Kristen’s Nutella Supreme Shake recipe:

Two (2) large scoops of French Vanilla Ice-cream

Two (2) tablespoons of Nutella

one half cup of milk

four ice-cubes

Kristen's Nutella Supreme Shake

Kristen’s Nutella Supreme Shake

Pour it all in the blender and blend for one minute.  Pour into a tall glass and top with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Success is sweet and tastes great!

Success is sweet and tastes great!

Success is SWEET!!!


Sean Eddie’s S’Mores Spectacular Shake:

Six (6) regular size marshmallows

Take the six marshmallows and put them under the broiler until they are golden brown

While the marshmallows are under the broiler, take four (4) graham crackers and crush in a bowl.  Sean Eddie really like making the graham crackers into crumbly pieces.

Once the marshmallows are done remove from heat and let cool off for a few minutes. Once cooled off to touch you are ready to get the ice-cream out.

Two (2) large scoops of chocolate ice-cream

one half cup of milk

one quarter spoon of vanilla extract

two ice cubes

Add the ice-cream, marshmallows, vanilla extract, graham crackers, ice-cubes, and milk into the blender and blend away!

our shake with whipped cream and enjoy!

Sean Eddie was so anxious to drink his S’mores Spectacular Shake that I didn’t even get to take a picture of it.  Hey what can you do- he’s six years old!

Sean Eddie gives it Two Thumbs Up

Sean Eddie gives it Two Thumbs Up

He says drinking it reminds him of all the fun we have going camping at his cousins’ house.

What a great way to spend a summertime Sunday evening with the kids creating fun shakes that bring back good memories.

Making sweet memories on a Summer Sunday evening

Making sweet memories on a Summer Sunday evening


Do you think you’ll try one of these shakes next time you are in the mood for a cold and creamy treat?



Disclosure:  My Best of Both Worlds did not recieve any compensation in exchange for this publication.  This post will serve as an entry in the #MyRocketShake for National Shake Month contest.  Keeping my fingers crossed!