Happy Gotcha Day!

August 6, 2014 in Adoption, Best of Both, love, motherhood by MyBestofBothWorlds

Happy Gotcha Day Kristen!

Today is Gotcha Day.  Some people have asked if Gotcha Day is Kristen’s birthday-it isn’t, that’s in November.  Gotcha Day is the day I was blessed with holding my daughter Kristen for the very first time after traveling over 8,000 miles to China to adopt her and bring her home.

We have had fourteen Gotcha Days and have celebrated each in different ways.  Today we are going to see the matinee of Matilda the Musical on Broadway.

Each Gotcha Day I am reminded of the gift of adoption.  I became a mother for the second time on August 6, 2000 after waiting double the length of my first pregnancy, filing papers, getting finger printed, disclosing financial documentation and the list goes on and on and on.  But my baby girl Kristen was worth the wait for sure!

I will never forget the day that I received the tiny two by two square picture of her taken at three months old.  I fell in love with that tiny image.

My baby girl!!

My baby girl!!


And when I saw her Amha (nanny) holding her in that hotel in China, I knew her as only any mother would.  I finally got to hold her a few minutes later and she was mine forever.

2013 Happy Gotcha Day!

2013 Happy Gotcha Day!

We are a forever family.  Last year we got her favorite meal Chinese food from So Far So Good! And then celebrated with a Cookie Puss Carvel Cake!


My baby girl and I at Lido Beach

My baby girl and I at Lido Beach

This will be the first year-that its just the two of us celebrating by going out without the rest of the family, but it won’t change the meaning.  Gotcha Day is a very special one no matter where we are it will always be a day worth celebrating!

Wo ai ni means I love you in Chinese and I love you Kristen!!!

Happy Gotcha Day sweetie!