Eggs in a bag are fun to make

July 24, 2014 in Best of Both, food, Girl Scouts by MyBestofBothWorlds

Eggs in a bag are fun to make and great to eat!

As you know My Best of Both World is all about finding a balance between work life and family life or at least juggling it the best you can.  One of the many hats I enjoy wearing is being a Girl Scout co-leader.

I am definitely not “the camper type”, but I do love to go camping with our Girl Scout troop, we have cots and raised tents and a bathroom in each campground-that’s roughing it enough as far as I’m concerned.

One of the things we really enjoy at each time we go out is our first breakfast of eggs in a bag.  It’s a novel idea and from this leader’s perspective the nice thing about it is that we can cook a whole bunch of them at one time and basically everyone gets to eat breakfast together.

It’s really easy peasy.  Get a big pot of water boiling over that campfire.  Make sure you have a sharpie and quart size zip locking freezer bags.  (Freezer bags are heavy-duty and will stand up to the boiling water).

Write each girls name on the outside of her bag.  Then have a egg making omelet station as fancy or plain as your camping budget permits.

Girl Scout Camping


Scramble at least two eggs per person and have them all in a pitcher or bowl.

Girl Scout Camping

For camping we prep these items ahead of time

Cheeses cut up or shredded.

Girl Scout Camping


Veggies (peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms –you name it) diced

Girl Scout Camping

Meats (ham, bacon, hotdogs-whatever you are in the mood for)

Then as each girl pours her eggs into her bag and adds whatever she’d like to have in her omelet.

Girl Scout Camping

Then you close the bag and carefully drop them into the rolling boiling water.

Girl Scout Camping

Depending on how many bags you are cooking, it take about 7-10 minutes for the omelet to cook.

Girl Scout Camping

Carefully remove the bag from the water and then serve.  Hot and delicious and FUN!

Girl Scout Camping


Then bring your bag to the table and enjoy a fun breakfast!

Girl Scout Camping


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Eggs in a bag are  perfectly made breakfast and our Girl Scout troop really enjoys making this breakfast each year when we go camping!



What are some other fun cookout foods you make when camping-our troop is always looking for ideas!