Breakfast at Belmont

June 6, 2014 in Best of Both, Family friendly, Family Fun, Girl Scouts by MyBestofBothWorlds

Breakfast at Belmont was so much fun.  Our Girl Scout troop decided to come up with trips to take that would cost about ten dollars per girl.  This is a tall order here on Long Island!  Try to find something fun and interesting for a bunch of teenaged girls at that price is a challenge to say the least.

What a great day out!

What a great day out!

Well I had gone to Breakfast at Belmont when I was a kid and remembered liking it alot.  So I checked out their website and was delighted to find out that parking is still free and a full breakfast is on $8.95 per person.  And after breakfast you can watch the horses train, attend a paddock class, take a tram ride around the Belmont grounds and see a starting gate demonstration.

Since my daughter Kristen has been taking horse back riding lessons we knew this was the perfect trip for us to bring to the troop.

The only drawback is it is Breakfast at Belmont which means you have to get up early! All the girls met at our house at 6:45 am.  Yes they were all on time.  I was pretty impressed to say the least.  I wouldn’t say they were peppy by any means-but on time they were.

We brought a tag-a-long- Sean Eddie, who gave a big thumbs up to the breakfast selection.  He enjoyed the pancakes, hash browns and juice selection.  After a hardy breakfast we went outside to watch the Thoroughbreds train.  It was really interesting to see them cantor, gallop and even walk.  They are truly beautiful animals.

Paddock Demo

Paddock Demo

The paddock demo was very interesting.  We learned how the horses get two baths a day, how they have  tattoos on their inner upper lips and how they must have a training time posted for the public to view.  Additionally prior to any race the horses are brought to the paddock or walking ring so everyone can see how fit they are prior to the race.  Next they passed around some of the gear that the jockeys use as well as the teeny tiny saddles (training and racing).

Then it was off to the tram -which we found out was used in the World’s Fair fifty years ago and is still running-WOW!

The tour around the grounds was interesting as well. I had no idea how large Belmont really is.  They house over two thousand horses in the various barns on the grounds.  They have a medical facility for humans and equines.  We even saw an equine ambulance.  You do learn something new everyday for sure!

With the Belmont Stakes around the corner on June 7th and California Chrome already at Belmont, there is alot of excitement and buzz in the air.  California Chrome is contender for the Triple Crown.  Since the last Triple Crown winner was crowned in 1978, this is a BIG event.

I’m glad we all got to experience a bit of the excitement during the tram ride.  The most exhilarating was yet to come.

The Starting Gate Demonstration was lots of fun.  The NYRA staff member explained how the horses are slowly trained to get used to the gate and the process that occurs to make a horse have a good start out of the gate.  Then he asked for volunteers to go inside the gate and he shut the doors on them.  Once everyone was in, a LOUD ringing bell went off and the gates released open and out came Sean Eddie on a run!  He beat everyone out of the gate.  There were some crying kids-as I said it was LOUD.

Special thanks to Kristen my daughter for taking the action pictures of all the horses during their training-she did a great job capturing their beauty!

Hope you get the opportunity to stop by and check it out and don’t forget to watch the Belmont Stakes!