Met Candice Jolly Monster Jam Driver

May 30, 2014 in Best of Both, interview by MyBestofBothWorlds

Met Candice Jolly Monster Jam driver of Monster Mutt Dalmatian.  In anticipation for the Monster Jam Path of Destruction roaring back into town I got to conduct a telephone interview with Candice Jolly.  What a doll she is! So personable and friendly even at 7:30 in the morning!!  No wonder she is a fan favorite.

Photo Credit Feld Motor Sport

Photo Credit Feld Motor Sport

Q:  I understand that your whole family is involved in Motor Sports.  Can you tell us how you juggle being a wife, mom and professional driver?

A:  Racing has been a family affair for the longest time, since  I was eight years old.  I started in go-karts. I’ve run Formula Vees, Sport 2000’s, Formula Continental,  Limited Late Models, dragsters, swamp buggies, demolition cars, among others, and now Monster Jam trucks.  My husband is a monster truck driver of Max Destruction.  Both of my parents race (hot rods and swamp buggies).  Her son Chase now drives go-karts as well as her sister.  Even Grandma drove swamp buggies back in the 1950’s.

When we’re not racing we love to go fishing and spend time on the water.  As I said, racing a big part of their lives, we also watched a lot of racing it’s been a very positive experience traveling as a family.  Monster Jam is really a family sport not only for us, but for the fans.

My nine year old son is only allowed miss a total of ten days of school, so we plan our tour dates carefully.  We fly out late Thursday nights and fly back on Sundays.  I couldn’t juggle it all without a great support system.  I bought a house next door to my Mom so Grandma can watch Chase if he is going to be in school and I’m traveling.

In the summer, my son Chase usually attends all the shows.  This year so far Chase has gone to seven out of twelve shows.


Q:  Does Chase want to drive a Monster Truck when he grows up?

A:  Yes he does.  As I said he is already racing go-carts and eventually he would like to drive a junior Monster Truck, but he’s not quite ready for that yet.


Q:  What advice can you give other girls and women aspiring to break-in the predominately male world of Monster Trucks?

A:  Monster Jam is male driven sport and my advice little girls and big girls alike is to follow your dreams.  Keep pushing and push back harder—that’s the only way to break through for anything you really want.  Also having people that support you is important.  My husband who sometimes is my crew chief totally supports me and I feel more accepted due to this support.


Q:  Can you describe what it feels like to drive the Dalmatian Monster Truck?

A:  It is absolute best job in the whole world flying 30 feet in the air.  It’s absolutely amazing doing spins and wheelies.


Photo Credit Feld Motor Sport

Photo Credit Feld Motor Sport

Q:  How many shows a year do you drive in?

A:  About eighteen a year.


Q:  What do you do to get ready for a show?

A:  Ever since I’ve been a little child, I ALWAYS wear crazy colored socks on race day. Some of my socks have monkeys, stars, hearts, and crazy colors.  During the Pit Parties, fans ask to see my crazy socks and I’m happy to show them off.


Q:  What about your safety?  Are you ever concerned about your safety and well-being?

A: Monster Jam takes safety checks very seriously.  Monster Jam takes every precaution to make sure the driver and fans are safe.  They ensure that the helmets, fire suits, and harnesses are all double checked prior to each show.  All the equipment used is top of the line.  I feel like Wonder Woman when I buckle into my five point harness.

Q:  Have you ever sustained any injuries?

A:  Just some bumps and  bruises, but  nothing crazy!


Q:  What do you like to do when you aren’t on tour with Monster Trucks?

A:  We live in South Naples Florida, so we really enjoy the water as I mentioned before. We have three boats a thrifty foot Macko sport, a twenty-two foot Pathfinder and a fourteen foot John’s boat which belongs to Chase.  Fishing is a great pastime.  We are extreme sports people so we like to do our fishing the same way.  We fish for dolphin, mahi mahi, red grouper, shark.  Last weekend we caught two sharks and the largest was fifty-five inches.


Q:  What’s on your bucket list?

A:  To travel to Barbados to swim with the sea turtles and to go to the Galapagos Islands.


Q:  Where have you traveled as a Monster Truck Driver?

A:  I’ve been to sixteen different countries.  Australia was awesome they had great fans that were so welcoming and so happy to see Monster Jam live-since they only get videos.  It was the first time that Monster Jam visited in October 2013.  Monster Jam is planning four shows in 2014.  So that’s very exciting.  They knew all about me, at the Pit party they asked to see my socks.  I’ve also visited Spain, Sweden, Finland,UK Belgium, England, Holland, Mexico, Costa Rica all over Canada and Poland.  I’m going to to to Brazil at the end of September and in October to  Guatemala City.


Q: What do you want to tell the fans about the June 14th Monster Jam Path of Destruction at Met Life Stadium?

A:  The show in East Rutherford is the biggest show, next to world finals in Las Vegas.  You are really going to enjoy the show! The Pit Party is the best part of my job, meeting and greeting all the fans.  I loves signing autographs and taking pictures.  I especially love the  homemade posters.  And what’s most fun is seeing the kids get dressed up with Dalmation spots!


Make sure you check back with My Best of Both Worlds as we will be giving one lucky reader a family four-pack of tickets to see the Monster Jam Path of Destruction at Met Life Stadium!  And you can meet Candice Jolly yourself during the Pit Party and check out the crazy socks!