Best Buddies-Learning to ride a two-wheeler

May 9, 2014 in Best of Both, fitness, Free by MyBestofBothWorlds

Best Buddies learning to ride a two-wheeler.  Learning to ride a two-wheeler is no easy task, just ask my six-year old son Sean Eddie and his best buddy Nick.

Last weekend, my BFF Lynda from Main Street Mama and I brought our sons to a great program sponsored by where there were lots of VERY patient NYC Parks Recreation staff on hand to help teach kids and adults of all ages how to ride their bikes. The event took place in Juniper Valley Park in Queens. It was well worth the drive as Lynda hails from Westchester and we come from Long Island.

I had the pleasure of interacting with some other great folks from BikeNewYork.orga few years ago when my daughter Kristen aged ten learned to ride her bike within fifteen minutes. I was astonished at their techniques and level of encouragement and endless patience.

So with the warmer weather finally hitting the east coast, I took to the internet to find out the dates of the learn to ride events.  All you have to do is to pre-register for these three-hour events and did I mention a really great thing its FREE!!

Once you arrive, you check in with your child, and their bike. Don’t forget to bring their bike helmet. Having had been to a previous event, I had already removed my son’s training wheels. But no worries if you didn’t, they do it for you.

D’Shown was our instructor. This very tall young man, squatted all the way down to be eye to eye with Sean Eddie and introduce himself. Then he asked his permission to remove the peddles from his bicycle. Now a few of you may be raising your eyebrows about now-remove the pedals-how are they going to learn to ride. Well here in lies the awesomeness of their techniques.

They teach the riders to learn to BALANCE and look forward and push themselves along. Once they get going they can lift their feet off the ground and learn safely balance. Having the ability to put their feet right down gives the rider a better sense of security and raises their confidence/ comfort level.

Check out the video to see just how it’s done

We got to the session late, as we had swimming and baseball before we could get to over to the park. We had about forty-five minutes of time with D’Shown. Shortly after practicing balance, the pedals went back on and Sean Eddie and D’Shown were off again. It took lots of tries and there were even some tears shed on Sean Eddie’s part, because it was hard and he told me he can’t do it.

I gave him a break as it was already a really long morning, we had a snack and drink. We thanked D’Shown and his supervisor for their help.

Breaktime with Nick's Dad!

Breaktime with Nick’s Dad!

Then Sean Eddie made me promise not to let him go, so off we went for what seemed like hours but really only about forty minutes elapsed. Now Mommy needed a water and sit break.

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After some serious negations, once we got our second wind, we went back at it hard. I told Sean Eddie I would only let go and run beside him if he was going good. And lo and behold he didn’t even know I let go and I was running next to him. The look on his face, his smile and feeling of accomplishment are beyond what words I can describe via my blog. WOOT WOOTS all around.  I told him I knew he could do it!

Best Buddies learn how to ride

Best Buddies learn how to ride


Our boys were so proud of themselves and we were so proud of them too.  Cheering them on, giving them high fives.  By the end of the afternoon both Sean Eddie and Nick left the training wheels behind and felt great about being able to ride their bikes around the park.

Proud Mamas with our sonny boys

Proud Mamas with our sonny boys

Learning to ride a two-wheeler isn’t easy and takes lots practice, but is more fun when you are learning with your best buddy!

Want to get social with Bike New York then follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook and Youtube.

I promised Sean Eddie that I would post the video of him actually riding his two-wheeler on my blog-so here it is! BTW you can credit Kristen for the video (she is a much better still photographer)


Disclosure:  My Best of Both Worlds did not receive any compensation in exchange for this post.  I just want to share a great free resource with my readers and enjoying bragging about my children!