When my husband is sick

March 21, 2014 in Best of Both, humor, relationships by MyBestofBothWorlds

When my husband is sick…




Did I mention HE IS SICK???

I love my husband very much, but I just had to blog about this particular topic, however before I go any further for those of you that may be concerned he has fully recuperated from his illness and is back at work.  And he will be the first to admit that he is not a good patient and has trouble following doctors orders or as he calls them “suggestions”.

Recently we had the opportunity to review the circus when it came to town.  It was a great evening and much fun was had by our family.  As we got into my minivan, my husband who always opens and shuts my car door and heaved himself into the passenger seat with dramatic flair to exclaim the following, “I’m spiraling!”

What? What did you say? was my response.  He repeated that he was spiraling and his eyes were sweating.  Spiraling, I astonishedly repeated and your eyes are sweating?  Then barely audible, my dear husband said I feel terrible and it came out in the slightest of whispers.

In my mind, I thought of a light switch one minute he was on the next he was off.  He seemed fine through-out the circus performance.  We had made some funny jokes and references while enjoying the show.  We even moved seats during intermission, when a friend had empty ones to be closer to the action.

Now this pause / thought was only a momentary ;apse  during our conversation. But as if reading my mind, Shawn said that his ear began to hurt before the show.  RED FLAG.  Ear pain!  So I responded that he better call in sick to work tomorrow and get it checked out.  Never fool around with ear pain.

As we pulled into the driveway, my poor sick husband barely dragged himself out of the car and up the four front stairs to our front door.  I quickly followed with the keys in hand to let everyone in.  He was changed and in bed before I got my coat off and hung up.

When I finished putting our son to bed and saying good night to our daughter, I made my way to our bedroom where he promptly asked me to feel his head; he thought he had a fever.  I pressed my lips to his forehead and my motherly lips detected nothing.  I let him know my diagnosis to which he returned a very forlorn and pathetic look.   I asked if he took anything.  He said no. So I got him some Tylenol and a glass of water and tucked him in.

The next morning he called me to say that he had tested positively for Strep.  Now as horrible as this may sound, I was glad he actually had something to treat.  With the proper medication and rest he would get better.

Now here is where men and women differ so greatly!  As the antibiotics began to take effect and he started to emerge from his sickness fog he left the bed.  He laboriously shuffled into the living room all scruffy and in need of a shower to wish our eldest daughter a happy birthday to which she waved from across the room and banished the assassin back to quarantine.  As he was making his way back to resume his recumbent position, my Mom asked how he was feeling, to which he responded about fifteen percent.

As the weekend progressed various percentages of recuperation were provided as health status updates.  The percentages rose and fell like the stock market if you get my drift.  It became the running joke and the rest of us played the over under before the next percentage was provided.

under or over


Making memories, some near and dear and some silly and funny are what our family is all about.  Just wondering how sickness is handled in your family?  Anyone go over board or give health status updates in percentages in your house?