The Power of Black Jack

March 28, 2014 in Best of Both, games, love, memories, traditions by MyBestofBothWorlds

The power of Black Jack.  Who knew that the power of Black Jack was so strong.  It is  connecting generations and love in our family.

A few weeks back I posted about my daughter Kaitlyn turning twenty years old in the post  called 7,305 days of Motherhood- Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!  Kaitlyn got to spend her spring break celebrating her twentieth birthday with us as well as her Spring Break.

Over the course of the spring break, she got to enjoy a number of games with her little brother Sean Eddie.  Then one afternoon as boredom set in (since we had a four-hour period of downtime if you can fathom such a horrible thing), Kaitlyn told Sean Eddie go find a deck of cards.  He got excited as he thought he was going to play war.  Then came the lessons about counting the numbers on the cards to see if they get to twenty-one, asking for a hit and busting.  He loved when Kaitlyn took a hit and busted.  He loved taunting her with you busted! you busted!

Instead, Kaitlyn recounted how at just about his age Papa (my father) had taught her to play Black Jack.  As she continued on with her story, I got lost in the warm and fuzzy memories of my Dad.  I remember the two of them together sitting at their dining room table teaching Kaitlyn all the elements of playing  twenty-one.  I also thought back to how my Dad was out on their backyard patio blowing bubbles.  I don’t ever recall him blowing bubbles with me, but sure enough as Papa to Kaitlyn and then again to Kristen he developed those bubble blowing skills.

My daydreaming of memories was interrupted when my son turned the talk to what heaven was like and what Papa much be doing as an angel.  I injected to say I’m sure he is very pleased that Kaitlyn is teaching you how to play and that we’ve not forgotten him in our daily lives.  I wrote a post called I can’t believe it’s been ten years because I just can’t.  Yet in these moments, I find great comfort that my Dad’s presence, his essence  is still a part of who we are.

Black Jack lessons completed

Black Jack lessons completed

After many many rounds of practice, Kaitlyn suggested that Sean Eddie call Gramma to come downstairs to show her something.  He coaxed her down to our house, had her get comfortable and proudly told her that he knows how to play Black Jack now.  She seemed just as pleased as I did.  Then Gramma began playing with Sean Eddie and began the advanced lessons of when to double down or to split cards.  The circle of life and love continues even in a most unusual place a game of Black Jack.