Paying it forward AGAIN with St. Baldricks

March 26, 2014 in Best of Both, Charity, kindness, paying it forward by MyBestofBothWorlds

Paying it forward AGAIN with St Baldricks is just what my daughter Kristen did last week. Paying it forward in our family is very important to us.  We’ve been involved with the St. Baldrick’s organization for a couple of years now, due to my brother Michael’s Brave a Shave commitment. And my daughter Kristen has been Paying it Forward with Locks of Love for years now donating her beautiful thick and shiny hair.

Kristen is ready to give again

Kristen is ready to give again

Kristen volunteered to become one of over a hundred kids from her high school that made a difference and got involved.  They are helping to #ConquerKidsCancer.  While she didn’t shave her entire head, she did a major cut to donate again. This is her fifth hair donation.  And I couldn’t be prouder of her giving and generous spirit. Kristen texted me as I was leaving a meeting and told me she was in line and there were at least fifty kids in front of her.  I told her I was on my way, as I’ve always been when she’s gotten a big hair cut like this.  Luckily I made it with time to spare. The feeling in South Hall where the event was held was absolutely electric.  As I made my way through the crowd, the kids were cheering and woot-wooting it up.  Everyone had a camera phone documenting the many before and after pictures.  Some were armed with video cameras too.

There were so many kids with different color hair, and announcements as each participant took the stage.  Their name was announced and how much money they raised.  When I walked in the grand total was just over eight thousand dollars.

By the time Kristen got announced and took her seat the total was close to eleven thousand dollars.  The live band was playing, students, parents and faculty were getting all revved up as each participant walked onto the stage.  I watched on junior student named Allison shave off her beautiful golden locks.  I watched in awe and admiration of her bravery!

 photo (68)

Sitting in the chair, Kristen had a big smile on her face and with a quick move or two the pony tail was chopped off!

photo (69)

  Even with donation, Kristen’s hair is still long in my opinion, in hers it’s not, but now it’s light and she’s swinging it all over the place.  Our next step is to mail the eight inches of thick hair to the Locks of Love organization. Due to the amount of participants at the event, there was no time to shape Kristen’s hair and even off the edges.  So as a thank you in support of their time we visited the salon owned by Linda Kerris the Andrew James Salon.  And as fortune would have it Mollie the stylist that chopped off Kristen’s pony tail was the one to even her hair out at the salon

photo (70)

A special thanks to Mollie and Linda for donating their time for this fantastic event.

Kristen raised over $200 herself.  And in total the student, faculty and staff of Kristen’s High School raised over $25,000.  I am continually amazed by the great work that teenagers do, they make such a difference.  It gives me great hope for our future witnessing events like this one.  And if are feeling inspired and are thankful for the health of your children, feel free to send a donation to St. Baldrick’s from Kristen’s page by clicking here.  Every dollar raised goes to find a cure for childhood cancer.