Mommyhood Moment that will melt your heart

February 17, 2014 in appreciation, Best of Both, love, memories, motherhood by MyBestofBothWorlds

A Mommyhood Moment that will melt your heart!

Well I was lucky enough to have yet another wonderful Mommyhood Moment. While getting ready for school, my sonny boy tells our babysitter Judy to “STOP! STOP!”, as he need to get something important out of his school bag.

He takes a plastic pumpkin out from one of the pockets and says, “Mommy I have a special surprise for you.” And then he produces a silver colored heart ring and gives it me. Sean Eddie says, “I got to pick a prize out of my class’ prize box and got this marriage ring just for you! I love you so much.”

the heart ring that melted my heart

the heart ring that melted my heart

I tell him how much I love him too, my sweet sonny boy.

OK- my heart is just melting at this point as I work to get this tiny ring on my pudgy pinky. Then he apologizes as there are no diamonds in the ring. I told him that I absolutely love the ring and it doesn’t need diamonds. And then grab my sweet boy up for a big old hug and lots of smootches.

it my not have diamonds but its priceless!

it my not have diamonds but its priceless!

He was so proud of himself. It just made me so happy.

That night at dinner, I was wearing my ring and Gramma told Sean Eddie how beautiful it was. And he wanted to know how she knew about it. Gramma said, “Mommy pout it on Facebook and told everyone how happy you made her.”

He just beamed through-out the rest of dinner. And so did I!

Me and my sonny boy

I know there will come a day in the future where he won’t even want to kiss me good-bye in front of his friends, but for now I’m enjoying every Mommyhood moment of my sweet sonny boy while it lasts.

What are some of your Mommyhood moments?