Making Magical Birthday Memories #DisneySide

February 19, 2014 in Best of Both, birthday, Disney, memories, vacations by MyBestofBothWorlds

Making Magical Birthday Memories #DisneySide is just what we did for Sean Eddie on his sixth birthday!

For those of you that regularly read My Best of Both Worlds, you know that we recently took a trip to Florida during the holiday vacation to celebrate New Year’s Eve and my son’s sixth birthday.  It was such an amazing day filled with so many magical birthday memories.  If you want to read how his birthday morning started just click here to read Making Birthday Memories #DisneySide.  

Kaitlyn thought of a great present for Sean Eddie ~ to become a pirate for the day.  It was such a good idea-that she got a day as a pirate for myself, my hubby and her sister for Christmas!  So after an awesome breakfast at Chef Mickey’s we made our way to the Magic Kingdom went on a few rides and made our way to Adventure Land and the Pirate’s League.

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life for me!

Sean Eddie is ready for his transformation!

What a fun experience!

First you have to get your pirate name by turning the wheel and the treasure chest which hold magical dice!

Kristen getting her turn at the helm

Then once you have your name you wait for a crew member to be escorted to your post.  It’s a loud fun filled place to be even if you aren’t getting made up to become a pirate.  There’s lots of banter between crew members that get you involved and you may just have to walk the plank if you don’t play along!

Once your are all done with getting made up, you have to take your pirate oath!  And this is taken very seriously!

Kristen taking her pirate oath

Once Kristen was all dolled up as a  very pretty pirate, she waited for the rest of us to get done.

Sean Eddie was like a pirate rock star!!

Sean Eddie on a box in the middle of the salon!

Sean Eddie’s crew master was quite the character and gave him non-stop pirate advice during his entire make-up session.  We loved listening to all chatter.

fun times


Father and Son!

We all got pirate sashes, swords, medallions and treasure chests with filled with pirate booty!! Once our pirate appointment ended we got to roam the rest of the Magic Kingdom playing the part of pirates!  Of course our first ride was Pirates of the Carribbean.  And it being the holiday season and big crowds mean big lines, we kept our selves occupied by having pirate sword fights on line when space permitted.  Oh my gosh!! Now that was so much fun, other guests on line wanted in on the action!

Any area became ideal for a sword fight! no fair two against one!

We had a great day at the Magic Kingdom with reservations at the Crystal Palace for dinner to celebrate yet again! And of course we had to have our fun with Gramma on the way to dinner!

all of us ganging up on my Gramma

Some of Sean Eddie’s most fun came from growling and scaring everyone he came in contact with, especially his big sister Kaitlyn!

OH NO!!!

The Crystal Palace is a character buffet style dinner featuring Winnie the Pooh and all his friends.  Sean Eddie delighted at scaring Tigger!


Oh no!!! Tigger is even afraid of scary Sean Eddie the pirate!

Sneaking up on Pooh to scare him too!

What was so great is that all the characters let Sean Eddie play the part and they really acted so scared!! He loved it!

Then we made him promise not to scare them to take a family pictures.

Once Piglet got done being afraid-we got a great picture

And of course there was ANOTHER birthday cupcake.

Yep another birthday cupcake

At the Crystal Palace, you can request to get a birthday card signed by Pooh and the gang which is another of our super cool magical birthday memories!

Special birthday card

Signed card by all the characters

As you can imagine, we enjoyed a really spectacular jam packed day for Sean Eddie’s sixth birthday.  My wish for him is that I hope he always carries magic with him in his heart where ever he goes as he grows up!