I love the Bambinos!

January 23, 2014 in Baseball, Best of Both, fitness, Me Time, New York Yankee Fantasy Camp, New York Yankees, vacations by MyBestofBothWorlds

I love the Bambinos! And here is why:  Riddle me this: What does a retired pediatric nurse practitioner, a registered client associate for Morgan Stanley, a manager at American Airlines, a licensed property & causality insurance broker, an audio-visual installer, the president of the American Association of Matrimonial Attorneys, a Registered Dental Hygienist, a High School Math teacher, a stay at home Mom and the Syndicated Comic Strip Artist of the B.C. & the Wizard of Id all have in common with me????

I know what you may be thinking—where is she going with this….

It’s easy- we are known collectively as the BAMBINOS!!!! That’s right; Ellen, Jackie, Christina, Terry, Shawn, Maria, Denise, Shakequi, Jenn, Perri and I are all Bambino sisters!

We all are huge New York Yankees fans and love the great game of baseball. So much so that we all attended last weekend’s New York Yankees Women’s’ Fantasy Camp. This was my second year down in Tampa and it was AWESOME!!

2014 Bambinos

2014 Bambinos coached the Great Chris Chambliss #10 and assistant coach Mario Garza

You can read about my rookie experiences meeting the greats from last year by clicking here. Coming back as a “veteran” player only made the experience something to anticipate the whole year long. A few of the vets returned for an extra day of batting practices and baseball clinics. We even got in a practice game prior to the start of camp.
What a fantastic feeling it is to return to the locker room at Steinbrenner Field to find your name on the locker and your uniform hanging inside. The locker that greats like Jeter, Posada, Wells and Spencer just to name a few have used. And while dressing the part and being in Pinstripes is about as awesome as can be, nothing compares to the camaraderie of the being part of our team.

While scoring runs, making the plays and winning are fun. On the Bambinos, it’s about the experience! Cheering for one another and even for those on the other team!! One of my favorite moments from this year’s camp was when one of my team mates got a single. Not so special you might think, but think again! Ellen aged 69, who has never played ball before in her life, got a small hit and ran her heart out (ninety feet by the way) to make it safe to first for a single!! I ran out on the field and gave her a bear hug at first base and then coached her from there about when to run.

There is such an air of sportsmanship with the Bambinos. We had opportunities to make double plays and didn’t. Why? Because we knew how amazing it felt for Ellen to make it on base so why be cocky. I was so proud of decisions like that during our games. The openness and welcoming atmosphere we got as rookies joining the team last year, we were able to pay it forward this year.

The encouragement, understanding, kindness, hugs and high-fives makes playing with these girls something I am going to look forward to for as long as I am able to don my Pinstripes and play as I love the Bambinos!