The pure joy of a first loose tooth!

December 11, 2013 in Best of Both, Kids, love, memories, motherhood by MyBestofBothWorlds

The pure joy of a first loose tooth!

For the last couple of weeks, my soon to be six-year-old, son Sean Eddie has been asking me about when he’s going to lose his first tooth.   I explained to him that everyone’s different and when his grown up teeth are ready to come up they will need to push away the baby ones and then they will be loose and fall out.  This was not the answer he expected.  He wanted to know exactly what day this would be happening and was not satisfied with my answer of soon enough.  Apparently there are many kids around him with teeth just falling out all over the place and the tooth fairy is on overtime these days.  He rattled off a list of his friends that had already had multiple visits from the tooth fairy and proclaimed that is wasn’t fair.

While brushing his teeth, I noticed a protrusion behind both of his bottom front teeth.  So I asked him to spit and then open wide so I could check it out.  Well when I explained what I was doing the child actually became giddy and started to shake and jump up and down.  Then I told him to stand still to let me check if there was any movement and sure enough THERE WAS!!  The pure joy of a first loose tooth can not be contained! It must immediately be shared with those in the inner circle of life!!!

First he ran to his sister Kristen’s room and they both began to jump around and squeal in delight.  Then it was a call to Daddy who had already left for darts after two rousing family games of Candy Land.  Then downstairs to Judy our babysitter.  I could hear him whooping it up with her through the floor boards.  Next there were phone calls and messages left for big sister Kaitlyn at college and Auntie Lina at band rehearsal.  Then a quick call to his best buddy Nick.

He wanted to call Gramma, but she is en route flying home from Las Vegas after a visit with my brother, so she will have to find out the happy news via the blog posting in the morning!  Surprise Gramma!!!

joy of a first loose tooth

So happy he couldn’t hold still to take the picture!!!

Such exciting times!!!

joy of the first loose tooth

Little guy just getting his teeth in!!