Motherhood Milestones

December 27, 2013 in Best of Both, motherhood by MyBestofBothWorlds

Motherhood Milestones seem to be creeping up on my lately as in first loose tooth, first day of high school, first day of kindergarten and now a first car!

My how time flies, my “baby” Kaitlyn took me for a test drive and I sat in the back seat with the person from the dealership up in the front.  While we were discussing the features of her soon to be new car, I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to me buckling her into a car seat and taking her home from the hospital on her very first car ride.  I actually remember sitting in the back seat with her then, driving from Manhattan back to Long Island day dreaming about her future.  Wondering what she’ll grow up to be?  Where she would go to college?  What kind of life she had ahead of her?  And just basically being in awe of her tiny features,  sighs and facial expressions.

The pure joy that Kaitlyn radiated in the showroom just made me so happy as a parent.  Good things coming her way and being so involved in this adult decision a motherhood milestone for sure.

I loved her #TBT (for those of you not familiar with the hash tag) it means Throw Back Thursday.  She posted a picture of her first ride and said she can’t wait to pick up my new one!

Motherhood Milestones #TBT

#TBT first rides to real ones-WOW

It seems life was so much easier when she was cruising around our backyard in her Little Tykes car.  I worried about scrapped knees and other assorted boo-boos.  Now I have the worries about other people harming my baby while on the road or the weather conditions.  I see so many distracted drivers, cell phones and texting!! It drives me nuts!  Then to think about those irresponsible people who drive under the influence-sometimes it’s just too much.  That’s when faith and prayer help me not to get overwhelmed.

Motherhood Milestones

FIRST CAR~~Pure joy and happiness!

The bottom line is that I know I’ve got a great “kid” who is responsible, uses good judgment and always makes me proud.  I’ll do my best to limit my worries, but with some motherhood milestones it just can’t be helped.