Paying it forward Zombie style with Special Olympics

November 15, 2013 in Best of Both, Charity, Family Fun, fitness, paying it forward by MyBestofBothWorlds

Paying it forward ZOMBIE style with Special Olympics rUNDEAD was truly a family affair for us!  The rUNDEAD was held on 11/2/13 in Brady Park in Massapequa Long Island and it was a great event!

My oldest daughter did not participate as a Zombie, but instead with her sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha was part of the registration brigade.

Kaitlyn is on the far right ready to register!


My Mom came out to enjoy the beautiful fall day and to support the family.  And my sister Lina came as the official photographer capturing the event for the blog!  Thanks sister!

What I can tell you is that we literally had a ball dressing up as a family of Zombies!  We arrived at registration in the park nice and early, signed in got our rUNDEAD pinnies and t-shirts and then got on-line to have our Zombie make-up applied.

BEFORE makeup

It was a fascinating process to watch normal everyday people get transformed into flesh-eating creature of the dead.  Lots of make up artists from around Long Island gathered and provided just in time training for make-up volunteers.

The latex is being applied for the transformation


time to blow dry the latex

Hubby is getting a bullet hole look in his head!


I had a student from Hofstra University apply latex makeup and layer upon layer of tissues to provide what would later look like ripped flesh falling off my cheek and forehead.  After a while in front of a hand-held blow dryer, I was ready to move to make up and blood splatter! Oh the fun!!

My sonny boy Zombie

My sweet baby girl Zombie

What a transformation!  Of course, I had to take it a step further and dress up like a surgeon, with all the surgical garb stethoscope and all just to add to the fun.  There were a few other people who took their zombie duties to heart, there was a zombie clown (very scary) and quite a number of folks dressed with ripped zombie like costumes-making the effect just that much more realistic.

do I look scary or what?

Once we were all done with make-up, the zombie herd was carolled into a gated area for zombie training.  The most important instructions were to be safe so NO pushing, shoveling tackling or biting LOL and have fun as this is all for a great cause-Special Olympics!

Zombie training ahead!

We were told that the runners would have three Velcro attached flags on a belt around their waists.   Each flag represented a life.  If the runner makes it to the finish line with a flag they had survived the Zombie apocalypse, otherwise they had succumbed to becoming one of the undead! We were instructed to pull off the flags and the zombie with the most flags at the end of the day would be awarded a prize.



After our instructions we were led into the wooded looping 5K pathway and stationed about fifty or so feet apart.  That’s when the fun began.  Our family got a great spot, there was a curve in the road and a huge fallen tree that the kids could hide behind and pop out to surprise runners.  We even brought a zombie head to hang in a tree branch to distract the runners, as we wanted to collect as many flags as possible.

Our Zombie head distraction hanging in the tree!!

We were surprised at how many runners actually got by us that had no flags left to capture.  But our team named the Shambling Fury collected sixty flags in total making me one very proud Zombie Mama!

Catching flags!!!

More importantly at the conclusion of our fun our team raised in excess of $1,100 for Special Olympics.

Overall according to the event’s coordinator Jennifer Cantone, Development Specialist for Special Olympics this first annual rUNDEAD raised over $28,000 with over 625 people participating.

They family that slays together stays together!!

Now that’s what I call paying it forward!  Can’t wait until next year!