Paying it forward Elvis Style!

November 18, 2013 in Best of Both, Family friendly, kindness, Live show, paying it forward by MyBestofBothWorlds

Paying it forward Elvis Style!

If you are a regular reader of My Best of Both Worlds, you know how important I think it is to pay it forward.  I’ve featured quite a number of paying it forward blogs, Paying it forward with Locks of Love, Taking a Polar Plunge,  and Brave A Shave to name just a few!

So my sister Lina has been singing with Brian’s band The Usual Suspects for awhile now and I knew they also did Elvis Gigs as Brian is a very talented singer and Elvis tribute artist.

one of my favorite pictures!


Lina has been telling me about all the fun gigs that she and Brian aka Elvis were doing, my interest piqued when I realized that many of these gigs were acts of kindness and paying it forward.




So I wanted to share how Lina and Brian are making a difference in the lives of people who love Elvis and his music.

Brian has been an Elvis fan since he was eight years old and has been performing his tribute show since 1998. He was a finalist in the 2005 CSRA Elvis Impersonator Contest and also performs with his band The Usual Suspects. As the #1 booked Elvis artist on, he has hundreds of reviews that can attest to his vocal abilities.  When listening to Brian sing, you really feel as though Elvis is in the building!



Brain can really belt it out–what a voice!!

Love Me Tender!

Love Me Tender!

The great thing about Brian is that he shares his time and talents with senior citizens who really get taken back to some special moments in their lives.  He and Lina have appeared free of charge at several assisted living facilities, pool parties at a senior centers and  facilities for with mentally challenged residents.

Looking good in his new black jumpsuit too!

Lina and Brian aka Elvis were recently invited to celebrate a resident’s 100th birthday party at the Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation 

You can see from the look on this woman’s face that she was certainly enjoying her 100th birthday!! What a gift to have Elvis sing Happy Birthday just for you.

Keep on paying it forward Elvis Style Brian and Lina, because music is the international lanuage of joy and that is a gift you are giving to so many!!