James is Back! Our Elf on the Shelf

November 29, 2013 in Best of Both, Christmas, Family friendly, Kids, traditions by MyBestofBothWorlds

James is Back! Our Elf on the Shelf made his grand entrance last night while my five-year old put his very sleepy head to bed after a wonderful Thanksgiving day spent with our family.

We have enjoyed having our very own Elf two years ago.  We like to read the story and take the rule to heart that we can’t touch him since he is magic.  We’ve even referred to James through out the year to “give progress reports to Santa”.  And who knew that having an Elf could be so effective in the behavior department.  Especially if you hang him off the chandler and we remind Sean Eddie that James is watching- dinner doesn’t take nearly as long!!

Last year there were nights when I popped out of bed at 2 am in a panic realizing that I didn’t move James into a new place.  UGH!! It felt like a full-time job truth be told, but still I looked forward to James’ return each year.  While everyone in the family had suggestions of where James should first appear, since I do most of his “placements” and I’m the MOM, need I say more? I got to choose where James’ first appearance will be.

We’ve gotten a jump-start on our traditional chocolate making this year, so Kaitlyn would be able to take bags of chocolate back up to school at the conclusion of the Thanksgiving Day weekend.  So far we’ve made just over fifty pounds of the sweet stuff!


So I thought it would be appropriate for James to first appear among our most beloved Christmas traditions our chocolate.  AND he left a sweet chocolately message of “HI!”

I’m feeling inspired and even started a family friendly Pinterest board for our Elf and am happily seeing what other fun and mischievous ideas others come up with.  I’ve only got a couple so far-but I’m looking forward to see what others come up with to share.

Do you have any family friendly Elf ideas?  Please share them below!! And enjoy the magic while you can!