The rUNDEAD for Special Olympics

October 7, 2013 in Best of Both, Family friendly, Family Fun, paying it forward by MyBestofBothWorlds


The rUNDEAD for Special Olympics is almost here and it’s right up our alley!  Not the running so much, but the Zombie part is great!  Our family just loves Zombies! And the fact that this is for such a great cause makes it a no brainer! (Zombie pun intended!)  We are all about paying it forward!

Saturday November 2, 2013

~Brady Park in Long Island ~

A 5k trail run



are the obstacles!!!


My oldest daughter Kaitlyn is part of the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority.  And her and her sorority sisters do great things with their time, energy and commitments.  You can read more about how Alpha Sigma Alpha supports Special Olympics by clicking here.  


Kaitlyn is in the second row far left / first girl 🙂


And one member of Alpha Sigma Alpha that is intimately involved with this project is Jenna Gomez.  When I asked how she became a part of this event, her response was, “I volunteered at a Polar Plunge in Whitney Point with Alpha Sigma Alpha and spoke to the woman running it and she got me in contact with the woman from the Long Island region Jennifer Cantone. I also volunteered with them at the state games in high school and the interest stuck.”


Kaitlyn & Jenna~ paying it forward!

So What is the rUNDEAD?

A 5k trail run through the park where runners are trying to escape hungry zombies. ( HOW VERY EXCITING!!)

Will YOU Survive?

Each runner will start off with a flag belt and three flags. These flags represent your lifelines. Zombies throughout the course will be attempting to take these one at a time. If you lose all three, your dead and the zombies have won.

Use speed, strategy… whatever it takes to keep your flags. If you finish the race with at least one, you have survived. If zombies have taken all your flags you can complete the race but you wont be eligible for awards.

Join us for this wild new event! You can sign up as a zombie or a runner, so there’s something for everyone! OK OK so you know that my family is going to sign up to be Zombies of course!!!

They even have a Facebook page to chat up the event–check it out!

Shawn & I as the UNDEAD!!!

For more information, please contact:
Jennifer Cantone
(631) 254-1465 ext. 204

Thinking about running yourself?? Then join our team, it’s called the Shambling Fury–we will be the crawler zombies at Brady Park at Lake Shore Drive & Front Street in Massapequa Park, Long Island, New York.

Or if you can’t make the run, but want to support a great cause you can go to my page and make a donation!

Here’s the secure link

Thanks for YOUR Support!!