Grill and Serve Wilton Armetale is the way to go!

October 28, 2013 in Best of Both, cooking, discount coupon, Product review by MyBestofBothWorlds

This sponsored post is brought to you by Wilton Armetale. Grill and Serve Wilton Armetale is the way to go!  I received a product sample to facilitate this review, all opinions expressed are true and my own.

my new griddle

my new griddle

When the opportunity presented itself to review a piece from the Wilton Armetale line of Grill and Serve line, I jumped at the chance.

2013 October 14 050

Wilton Armetale’s tagline is a creative way to cook and serve everyday.  I would have to agree.  This gourmet grillware allows you to serve on the same piece.  And it keeps food hot longer.  As I was about to find out with our new grillware and our pancakes.

 I’ve never owned a griddle like this before and couldn’t wait to try it out.

2013 October 14 052

What better way to test it out then with pancakes for breakfast.  All of our pancakes came out GREAT!  Not only cooked to perfection, but the best part NO WAITING!! And for Mommy that means no fighting over who gets their pancakes first.  I brought the griddle right from the stove top to the dining room table.  I told the kids to be careful, then served them up.  They were still so hot that the butter melted right away, which made the kids happy.

The next weekend I wanted to use my new griddle to make meatballs in the oven and I was sure glad I did.  Not only did I cut down on the cooking time by fifteen minutes.  The meatballs were SO EASY to take off the griddle.  NO STICKING and because the griddle retained its heat, the fat and grease were easily came off.  You can see this in the last picture.  This meant less for me to do and it made my sauce that much healthier without all the grease and fat.

I’m looking forward to using my griddle as a serving piece for a fruit salad at an upcoming party.  It will keep the fruit nice and fresh.

Here’s a little background on Wilton Armetale:

Celebrating fifty years of making great products like my griddle above and so much more right here in the US.

Armetale metal is a unique, non-toxic aluminum-based alloy, making it ideal for cooking and entertaining.

• Hot foods cooked and served in Wilton Armetale products stay hot longer.

• Cold foods and drinks served in Wilton Armetale products stay cold longer.

ARMETALE products are crafted from a non-toxic aluminum-based alloy. ARMETALEmetal has been analyzed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and an independent third party laboratory and conforms to guidelines for the safe handling of food and beverages.

ARMETALE products are also durable and will not rust, break, crack or chip under normal usage. Each ARMETALE product is a solid piece of metal with no coating applied.

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Disclosure:  My Best of Both Worlds received a product sample to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was received in exchange for this publication.  All opinions expressed are true and my own.