Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient

October 9, 2013 in Adoption, Best of Both, Girl Scouts, paying it forward by MyBestofBothWorlds

My daughter Kaitlyn is Golden -She’s a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient and I’m so proud of her!  I hadn’t started blogging when Kaitlyn planned her project and carried it out  two years ago as a senior in high school.   So as a very proud Mama not only do I want to brag about my girl, but I will be attending another Girl Scout Gold Award event in the near future and quite frankly, I’m tired of people’s lack of knowledge / recognition about what the Girl Scout Gold Award represents.

The Gold Award is the highest recognition a Girl Scout can achieve.  I usually have to add when explaining to people that it’s like the Eagle Scout Award for Boy Scouts.  And less than six percent of eliable Girl Scouts earn this prestigious award!

Kaitlyn’s proposal was to have a family fun day in her high school gym to promote tolerance and awareness of foster care and adoption because every child deserves a chance to be part of a family that loves and cares for them.  She sought to provide education and foster/ adoption resources in one place where families could learn about their options.  Kaitlyn also partnered with the Pamjama Program to collect donations of new pj’s or funds to purchase.  The Pajmama Program provides new PJ’s to children placed in foster care.

Kaitlyn logged over one hundred fifty hours of leadership time in planning this event.  Among some of the tasks associated with the Gold Award were the creation a project plan and a budget.  Then she had to seek approval of her Gold Award Proposal by going in front of the Girl Scout Counsel to lay out her vision, and to describe the need for her proposal, how it would positively impact her community.

After obtaining approval to move forward she secured vendors as well as sponsors of the event, created and published a twenty page program.  She had to secure the necessary town / village permits to use the High School gym.  She had to file insurance through Girl Scouts for the event.  She created flyers, sought volunteers to man a snack stand, organzied her younger sister’s troop to have them help at the craft tables.  She approached the various honor societies she was a part of at her school to seek their involvement in helping support the day’s event.   Honestly, the list seemed endless and yet she did it all and it was a wonderful successful event!

Kaitlyn, Jessica and Kristen

Jess Pinckney, Miss Long Island was kind enough to participate in Kaitlyn’s event as she was adopted as child herself.

Assemblyman Brian Curran presenting Kaitlyn a Citation

There were plenty of citations and political figures to celebrate Kaitlyn’s achievement.  It was so great that they came out to support this cause.

Irene from Senator Skelos’ office with a Proclamation for Kaitlyn

Even the Senator Skelos sent a representative to Kaitlyn’s event as he was in Washington, DC.  at the time.

Here’s an excerpt from Kaitlyn’s Family Fun Day Event describing her project

Thank you for attending my Family Fun Day. I hope this day provides you with a better sense of what adoption and foster care is all about while participating in the various craft and informational booths. I hope that you are open to new horizons and that you continue to learn and explore the wonderful world of foster care and adoption if it is right for you and your family. I strongly believe that a family is created love and affection not on skin tone and genetics, and that is why it is important to be accepting of everyone no matter their differences.


This event is part of my Girl Scout Gold Award. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award in Girl Scouting. It symbolizes outstanding accomplishments in the areas of leadership, community service, career planning and personal development. It is an award in which to be very proud of; it takes a lot of planning and work to create such a rewarding event.



Kaitlyn’s project board at her Gold Award Cermony

Kaitlyn showing off one of the crafts from the event- a tree of thanks


It’s offical SHE’s GOLDEN!


Here’s the listing of adoption resources that helped support Kaitlyn’s Family Fun Day Event

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption:


Alliance for Children Adoption Agency:


Adoption S.T.A.R Adoption Agency:


Bethany Christian Services Adoption Agency:


Adoption from the Heart Adoption Agency:


Spence-Chapin Adoption Agency:


Catholic Guardian Society and Home Bureau Adoption Agency:


Adoptive Parents Committee (Support Group):


Families with Children from China (Support Group):


Aaron Britvan, Adoption Attorney:

Our family is so proud of Kaitlyn and taking this project on.  Over the next several months Kaitlyn continued to be honored by various civic groups and political figures.  It’s amazing to me how Girl Scouts can change the world!  I’ve always said Girl Scouts Rock!!! And I mean it!

Proud proud proud!!