Meanest Mom in the Whole World!!

September 25, 2013 in Best of Both, boys, motherhood by MyBestofBothWorlds


GGGRRRRR- You are the meanest Mom in the whole world!!  This phrase is often exclaimed by my very frustrated five year old through gritted teeth accompanied with loud growling sounds.


I just know you can "hear" him growling by looking at this face!!!

I just know you can “hear” him growling by looking at this face!!!

My question is:  where is my crown????

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I’m proud to be the “meanest Mom in the whole world” it’s a title I hold near and dear to my heart.  It means I’m doing a good job!

I’ve been the meanest Mom off and on for close to two decades now so this is nothing new to me.  However having a boy is so different, as I don’t recall the guttural growling sounds from my daughters, they had lots of wining sounds so this gives it a different flavor so to speak.

You may be wondering by now what I did I do to deserve this latest admonishment.   Well, I asked Sean Eddie who just started Kindergarten to get his folder out to show me his homework.  He actually began to huff and puff while making facial expressions that resembled someone pinching him as his face scrunched up into a painful contortion, when our most awesome babysitter, Judy interjected that she had already taken his folder out of his backpack leaving it on the kitchen counter so I would see it.

So I asked him to get it.  You would have thought that I asked him to cut up his favorite blanket, set it on first and toss the ashes into the trash.  The moaning and groaning the commenced was worthy of an Oscar nomination.

He finally completed the momentous task of walking about five feet to procure the offensive folder and tosses it onto the table.  While my husband’s blood pressure is beginning to build, I give him the look that communicates; I got this and instruct my willful son to show me his work.

He slouches and grumbles under his breath about this stuff being for babies.  When I asked him what do you mean for babies.  He crisply answered: MOM, I know how many sides there are to a square, four and a triangle three and I know my colors, and letters and numbers!!!

I did all I could do to stifle my smile and answered him that the beginning of the school year is always a review and that some of the children may not have gone to pre-school like him.  He rolled his eyes and showed me his two papers.

All I can say is it’s going to be a long year!

What a difference from his first day of school!!!