Sailing blues

August 5, 2013 in Adult only time, Best of Both by MyBestofBothWorlds

I’ll just call this blog post Sailing Blues.  Want to catch up if you missed Friday’s blog post by clicking on it Our first overnight sailing just the two of us how romantic NOT!! So where we left off last time is that you just can’t make this stuff up!  If we didn’t have enough drama and disappointment on Saturday, Sunday turned into a LONG day to say the least.

I got up bright and early to head back out to Bayshore, where Shawn spent the night.  I stopped to buy breakfast and saw the horrible headline of the Daily News where a bride-to-be and the best man were killed in a boating accident.  It literally made my stomach turn as I thought back to the day before when we were having steering issues, and a huge charter boat captain made a rude remark over his PA system directed towards us and then how close they flew right by our grounded boat.  I was just happened to have put the iPod and phones away, since I knew we were going to have issues–good thing because we got a big old splash from that boat.

When I got down to the boat, my husband donned all of his scuba gear and began to trouble shoot.  The rudder was definitely misaligned.  He toiled for a few hours above and under the water before he called his Dad to give him a hand.  Once his Dad arrived with some more spare parts and brackets, the repairs were then well underway.

boat troubles and repairs

boat troubles and repairs

By three o’clock, Shawn was ready to cast off and try out the steering.  While his Dad and I watched, he motored out and promptly got grounded.  OMG and lots of other things too!! Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.  My father-in-law and I were just shaking our heads in disbelief.  After what seemed like an eternity, he was able to move again and seemed to be able to steer.

As I waved good-bye and got in my car for the ride back, came the hard part, waiting for him to the journey.  We check in with each other on an hourly basis.  It was slow going as he didn’t want to push it.  During hour four he called to say he had been waiting for a draw bridge to be opened for ninety minutes.  UGH.  He still had another one to go, but the bridge operator said he’d be heading right over to open that one up.

our tall mast fits under this bridge but not all--sigh!

our tall mast fits under this bridge but not all–sigh!

Upon approaching the bridge, there was another vessel approaching as well.  Apparently this other boat, was very impatient and made some comments about the wait time over the air.  Enough so that the harbor bay constable got involved.  And guess who he pulled over???

Yep my hubby, and did a full inspection of the boat.  Can you believe the luck?  While my hubby had a copy of the boat registration on board, apparently you need the original!  Ticket issued!

Then he asked for all sorts of things, if there was a life vest on board, there were eight, if there was a NY State Boating Guide, yes, fire extinguisher -yep two of them on board, check the running lights- check they were in working order too.   Then he asked for a flare.  Opps–my hubby thought he had this on board and as luck would have it couldn’t produce it.  And ya know what happened next right-another ticket!

Oh my goodness!  He called me to tell me the latest drama and I seriously could not believe my ears.  I so just wanted this trip to be done!  He said he’d call when we was in the marina.  At nine o’clock, he phoned and I drove down to meet him.  I gave him the biggest hug!  I was just glad he was back safe and sound.

And in case you are wondering we are going to try sailing overnight to Fire Island again at end of the summer!!