The bug hunter reigns supreme!

July 24, 2013 in Best of Both, humor, husbands, Kids, teenagers by MyBestofBothWorlds

The bug hunter reigns supreme! As the summer time brings the hot, humid, sticky weather, it also bring lots of unwanted house guests namely BUGS!  Whether creepy crawlers, or flying  airraid bombers, my children don’t like to share their space and quite frankly neither do I.

My husband is not known for his patience, however when the blood curdling screams and drama begins he dutifully become “the bug hunter”.  Recently, our oldest daughter came running out of her bedroom, literally jumping up and down proclaiming how a killer spider on crack THIS BIG (just stretch your arms out wide and roll your eyes too while you are at it) crawled along her laptop computer screen.

Not surprisingly, Kaitlyn ended up waking up her sister with all the commotion.  My husband got out his brightest flashlight (of which he has many) along with a wad of tissues to begin his hunt.  Now of course the “killer crack spider” is no where to be found.  For those of you that don’t have teenagers at home yet, their rooms are FULL OF STUFF.  You can say that twice and still not have the half of it!  Our situation has the girls sharing a room which only compounds the volume of stuff.  This provides the killer crack spider with a plethora of opportunities to remain hidden away from the deadly force of the bug hunter.

After an exhaustive search, the killer crack spider has successfully eluded his death warrant.

My husband settles back into bed and you know what’s going to happen, because I’m blogging about it.  Less than fifteen minutes later a frantic and frenzied knocking at our bedroom door summons the bug hunter into action again.  There has been a sighting!  My fearless and patient husband removes the said offender to restore peace and harmony once again.

Our Bug Hunter Supreme!

Our Bug Hunter Supreme!

I have to give big kudos to my hubby for handling these situations and allevating me from this highly undesirable and dreadful duty!  I am eternally grateful.  My bug hunter reigns supreme in my book. Thanks honey!