Little League Trophy Day

July 3, 2013 in Baseball, Best of Both, Family Fun by MyBestofBothWorlds

We recently attended Little League Trophy Day and what a wonderful day it was!

As many readers know, I have a love of Yankees baseball and play softball.  This year my little guy Sean Eddie wanted to play ball, so not only  did I sign him up, I became a coach/ manager too.

While my family questioned the timing of my newest commitment with my work schedule increasing due to the then impending implementation of the our electronic medical record Epic.  Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Yes work was often hectic and yes I did miss a game due to the go-live, but it was a great season.  Not only did I get to watch my son fave fun, learn a little about a game I love, I got to interact with thirteen children that made me smile each and every time.  The absolute culmination of which was trophy day.

By the end of the season, all the kids really became a team.  While we still had to remind some of them which way first base was, or to drop the bat when they hit the ball and most importantly NOT to all run after the ball tackling one another in the process.  Many laughs were to be had from the kids as well as the parents.

Our team

I got the very best hugs from the kids on my team.  And what really melted my heart was the sentiment expressed by the children and their parents to keep the team together again next year.  The children were so proud of themselves for getting atrophy.  Truth be told all the teams at this age get them. However we talked about how important teamwork and good sportsmanship is when playing.

My son carried his trophy around the entire weekend to show our family and friends.  he talked about sportsmanship and how he played on the other team when they didn’t have enough players.  I was so pleased that playing Little League ball made this type of impression to help positively shape his thought process!

The smile says it all!

I will miss the conversations at the plate, as I was the “catcher” and I will miss all the little high fives until next season.

Now onto my season—–GO STINGERS!!