Paris is always a good idea Part Deux

June 5, 2013 in Best of Both, memories, relationships, travel, vacations, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

Paris is always a good idea part deux as there was just so much to see and do when we went in February 2012.  In part one of this post Paris is always a good idea, I explained how this awesome girls trip was a Christmas surprise!

Booking this trip off season, saved lots of money and the fact that we basically had our guide books and bought metro cards to tour ourselves made the trip affordable.  As we were planning a few people thought we were a bit crazy not to book tours and do it on our own.  However, it was a good decision on our part.  Navigating Paris is like navigating Manhattan, the subway system is complex, but after a while you get used to where you are going and learning how to get there.

me after climbing 125 stairs from the metro LOL

We were very lucky that the weather February was mild for winter.  We were able to get away with wearing Northface jackets, scraves and gloves.  Walking on being on the go go go helped as well!  We were literally out from the crack of dawn until eight or nine each night.

Notre Dame

Walking around also let us “find fun place”s that were not in the guide books.

the wonder wheel?


always time for the swings even in Paris














Like the park that we stumbled upon and stopped once the little kids left to try out this spinning wheel, that made us all dizzy and full of giggles.

Bridge of Locks

Walking along the Siene River, brought us to the Bridge of Locks.  This was a very interesting place to visit as I’d never seen anything like it and it made me miss my husband.

Locks of love

more locks















Couples in love write their names on a lock of love, lock it the bridge and throw away the key.

so sweet!


So romantic!  We spent quite some time checking out the messages on all of the locks.

Then it was time to take in some of the greatest masterpieces!

Silly never goes out of style!

The Musee d’ Orsay was a place that we spent hours in marveling at the beauty of the likes of Renoir, Van Gogh, Degas, Rodin and my favorite Monet.  WOW in a word, even for an art novice this place is just amazing.

An amazing view atop the Effiel Tower

Eatting lunch atop the Effiel Tower was fun.

arc de triomphe

We walked by day and by night.  Paris truly is the city of lights.  It was beautiful to see the sights at night as well.  Our cruise down the Seine River was in the evening as well.


The Effiel Tower at night is quite a specticle.  The lights go off on the hour for a full five minutes.

Paris the city of lights


According to some of the native Parisians we met, they think it looks tacky.  We loved it and took lots of pictures as you can tell.  Hopefully you’ll get a chance to visit Paris too.

If you could be anywhere else right now–where would you travel to?