My Four Famous Questions

June 19, 2013 in Best of Both, Kids, relationships, traditions by MyBestofBothWorlds

Did you fall down?  Are you bleeding?  Are you hurt?  Then why are you crying? Yes these are my four famous questions.  I have asked these four famous questions on an almost daily basis since becoming a Mommy almost nineteen years ago.  Certainly with the age gaps of my children there have been reprieves, however at this point, by the time the first question leaves my lips, the rest of the family responds as if on queue and in chorus.  It’s as if there is almost an automatic response and then they hide “try” their laughter.

Lately, many nights, crying begins at dinner due to the fact that I am such a mean and horrible mother as I force my five year son Sean Eddie to eat his broccoli or green beans.  Sometimes dinner time takes a really long time, due to him having pains in his right big toe, his left ear lobe or an itch on his back that he can’t reach.  When he is finally is called to task about eating, this triggers seems to bring forth the tears.  To which brings forth my four famous questions.

Once after reprimanding Sean Eddie, Kristen shared that in order to control her laughter she looked in our curio cabinet at a replica of Michalangelo’s Pieta since she stated it’s such a sad statue of Jesus that she can’t laugh.  Well after she shared this, we couldn’t help but laugh and admire her ingenuity at keeping her self control.

I guess over the years my four famous questions have become somewhat of a tradition.  I will say I have yet to install a seat-belt onto the dining room chairs for my son, but who knows what the future holds.  Both of his sisters needed them to keep them in their seat while eating dinner when they were his age.  Only time will tell about the seat-belt, but I think my four famous questions will last well into my future.  I’m sure I’ll recall these questions when I have grandchildren!