In My Best of Both Worlds there is no difference

May 8, 2013 in Adoption, Best of Both, Kids, love, pregnancy, relationships by MyBestofBothWorlds

My Best of Both Worlds is aptly named. In My Best of Both Worlds there is no difference. My pregnancies and adoption journey have been life changing.   Being a biological and adoptive Mom means I’m doubly blessed.  Over the years, I have been asked if there is any difference.  At first I didn’t quite know where this question was going.  Any difference in what?  Basically, it boiled down to do I love my children the same?  Do I feel the same way about each of them as a mother?  Is there any difference? I can wholeheartedly respond with a resounding NO!!!  There is no difference.

Falling in love is a wonderful experience with your significant other, the only thing better is the instantaneous love of becoming a parent.  I know that through my two full term pregnancies, seeing the ultrasounds, feeling those first kicks and then watching my belly grow larger and larger the love continued to grow each day.  The culmination of which was holding each of them for the first time after they’d been born.  Tears of joy and happiness abound.

My adoption journey while somewhat different in terms of a time table, double the length of a pregnancy at eighteen months, had similarities as well.  There were milestones along my adoption journey that had me wondering just like when I was pregnant, would my baby be healthy, what would she look like, would she have hair or be a baldy like my first baby girl.  While I wasn’t going to the OB/GYN for a check ups to stir excitement in this process, getting the mail, emails or calls from my agency was just as thrilling.  As approvals were obtained, home-studies completed and then when the dossier was sent to China, the waiting began.  Anticipation and waiting.  Hoping and praying until a tiny two inch by two inch picture changed my heart forever.  Instantly I fell in love with my baby girl Kristen.

kristenbaby2 (2)

Getting prepared for our trip to China, the hoping and praying continued as I just wanted everything to work out, to expand our family from three to four with another healthy baby girl.  I distinctly remember standing in the hotel lobby in Nanning China, seeing the Ah-ma’s (baby nannies) walk in and I spotted my baby! MY BABY! I knew it was her as only a mother could know.  My daughter Kaitlyn then only five and half was beyond excited and jumping up and down with pig tails flying , made quite the scene.  It brought our guide and a small crowd towards us.

We were supposed to be in our rooms to receive our daughter, yet here I was in the lobby and I wasn’t waiting.  The director of the orphanage came over introduced herself via our translator and within moments my new daughter was in my arms.  Tears of joy and happiness abound.

In My Best of Both Worlds there is no difference.  Love is love and being a Mommy is all that matters.

There are no boundaries when there is love and it multiples and expands.


Remember Adoption is just another word for LOVE!!

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And LOVE just keeps growing and going and growing and going!