I love where I work!

May 10, 2013 in Best of Both, couples, love, work, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

How many people can say I love where I work and mean it?   Well I’m one of the lucky ones.  I am fortunate enough to work with a great bunch of people and a few weeks ago, I was asked to participate in someone’s engagement plan!!! Very exciting to say the least!

So happy!

Jessica & Vin

As many readers know I am a health-care professional, a licensed radiologic technologist.  Our lead technologist Jessica is going to be surprised by her boyfriend and Vin.  Vin graduated from our School of Radiography the year before and knows all the of staff from doing his student clinical rotations.  He asked Colleen, the supervisor for some help.  He wants to propose to Jessica, by having the ring “appear” on an x-ray.  He wants one one of the students to ask her to check their image and have the ring on the viewer/ computer and THEN HE WILL POP THE QUESTION.

Is it an artifact????

Is it an artifact????


So now the task at hand it to get the unsuspecting Jessica out of the main department, so Vin can get in, have the ring x-rayed and set the scene.  Here’s where I come in.  Colleen lets me in on the grand plan and the smile spreads so far across my face, I feel quite giddy!  I’m so excited for Jessica and Vin, I think they will live a long happy life together and am thrilled that we get to witness this enormous moment of their lives at work.

Nope it's an engagement ring!!!

Nope it’s an engagement ring!!!

So we have a plan hatched.  I have to call Jessica up to my office before she leaves on vacation.  When the time comes, my pager goes off, I call Colleen back, who is cool as a cucumber and plays off her end of the phone conversation like I’m not even there.  She says, loud enough that Jessica is in the control area, that I want to see her now, before she leaves for vacation.  Now even though Jessica is a gold star employee (she was just recognized for this in the previous month by the hospital) it is still disconcerting to be called to the boss’ office on such short notice.

The Happy Couple!

The Happy Couple!

She arrives and I have to be cool!  I begin to discuss our interventional radiology website content that my graduate intern has been working on and I tell Jessica I want to review it now as I won’t have the time to upon her return due to the Epic project absorbing so much of my time.  She buys it!! I keep the conversation going until I get the next pre-set page and call Colleen back–they are ready!  So I tell Jessica I have to go, an Epic related emergency.  I tell her to have a good vacation and she goes out my back door and I go out my front door with every intention of following after her.  UGH I get stopped by a physician who has an Epic related question for real.  I try to answer quickly and as I get around the corner I hear cheering.  I missed it!!! OH NO!

Thank goodness for iPhone video.  While it maybe slightly hard to hear, a student askes Jessica to check his image, so she  approaches the computer and is puzzled, then asks Colleen did you x-ray your ring?!?! She is clueless, until Vin catches her eye and he goes down on one knee and the rest is history!!!

Congratulations to Jessica and Vin wishing you both a lifetime filled with good health, happiness, love and joy!  Thanks for sharing a very special moment with all of us!!