Sweet Sixteen Italian Style

April 12, 2013 in Best of Both, relationships, Sweet 16, teenagers, traditions, travel, vacations by MyBestofBothWorlds

Sweet Sixteen Italian style is exactly what we did when my oldest daughter Kaitlyn turned sixteen a few years ago.  My daughter had always “dreamed” of going to Italy to see the sights, taste the food and connect with part of our cultural background.  When she suggested going to Italy instead of having a big sweet sixteen party, I immediately jumped on the idea.  I mean I had “the most awesome” sweet sixteen party myself.  My parents went over the top and it is still one of my fondest memories, however having never been to Italy myself and loving to travel, I thought what could be better.

We are “holding up” the Leaning Tower–3 generations!

Little did I know we were starting another wonderful tradition.  More to come on that later.  Anyway, back to the sweet sixteen Italian style.  For her fifteenth birthday she got guide books to Italy and as the year leading up to birthday drew near, other family and friends got as excited as we did.  Gifts very often had an Italian theme to them to get us even more excited for our upcoming trip.

selfie as Kaitlyn called them back then!! Ciao Bella!

We decided to take a Tauck Bridges family tour called Italia Bella: Rome to Venice.  My Mom had traveled with Tauck on several other prior trips and raved about their service.  What sold me was the after hours exclusive private tour of the Vatican Museums.  And the best part was we decided to make it a three generation trip, Gramma, Kaitlyn and I.

St. Peter’s Basilica

It was amazing to see the all the religious art work–simply breath taking and surreal.  I couldn’t believe that everywhere we turned, our religion and history surrounded us.  It was inspiring and spiritual at the same time.

Yep-she is having a great birthday!

The above phot is one of my favorite pictures of Kaitlyn checking out the really cute gondolier guy in Venice.

Thumbs up from Kaitlyn!

And for sure–she really liked our tour guide John-Luigi at the Roman Colosseum!

Fantastic trip!!

Having a Sweet Sixteen Italian style was an amazing gift for all of us, celebrating Kaitlyn’s special birthday there was a fantastic idea and as I said I new tradition, but not really!  When I graduated college, I wanted to take a trip to London and my Mom and Gramma decided to make it a three generation trip!  What a ball we had!! I think that will have be another blog post in the future–good times, great memories.

It’s not stopping with Italy either, Kristen doesn’t want a sweet sixteen party, she wants to return to China to see where she was born.  So in a few years we will be world travelers again, three generations on the other side of the world.  So looking forward to that trip too!