I can’t believe it has been ten years…

April 29, 2013 in Best of Both, memories, relationships by MyBestofBothWorlds

I can’t believe it has been ten years…ten years since my Dad passed away.  Some days it feels like yesterday and some days it seems so far away.  It feels like yesterday when I think about him giving me a hug.  Then I think about him in context of what’s happened in my life since he’s gone to heaven and that’s when it seems to stretch out so long.  So many milestones and events have occurred since his passing, but I do feel like he is with us.  When my heart swells with love and pride over something my children have done, I know he too is beaming down from heaven enjoying these moments too.

Missing my Dad

Missing my Dad

I’ve had this blog in my head for so long, and as I type through the tears I can look up over my laptop from my dining room table and see a picture of my Dad sitting at his dining room table in Las Vegas, in his favorite well worn and faded red Marlboro shirt with coffee and cigarette in hand.  Oh how I despise those nasty cancer sticks-since they robbed my Dad at age 59 from all of us, but alas that’s who my Dad was.  There’s a poem that a friend of my parents wrote that is next to this framed picture.

My Dad

It’s written by Connie Kistler.

Don’t measure my love in hours or days

Or believe that is has changed, in anyway.

Death has no power to destroy my love,

It thrives all around you and above.

Now my spirit of love and life

has no limits, toil or strife.

I am free to love and watch over you,

to learn the things I always wanted to.

For all the occasions and every family affair,

stop for a second, feel me, I’m there.

It may be a breeze, loose change or a fresh mornings dew,

these are some of the ways I’m saying, “Love You!”

I am safe and warm in Our Father’s care,

don’t worry about me, I am already there.

Support and encourage, wipe tears and give hugs,

give a toast to me..use my coffee mug.

The sound of your laughter still makes me smile,

be happy, be strong, it’s only a while.

One day we will be together again,

because love has no beginning, and it has no end.

Daddy's girl-my 2nd birthday

Daddy’s princess girl-my 2nd birthday

Dear Daddy,

Happy 10th Anniversary in Heaven Daddy- I miss you and love you.  I think of you often, when I find pennies or see those speical rays of sun shining through the clouds.  I know you are thinking of me too.  I’m glad I have you watching over all of us and look forward being together again in heaven.