Happy Earth Day Everyone!

April 22, 2013 in appreciation, Art Projects, Best of Both, eco friendly, recycling by MyBestofBothWorlds

Our Family are super heroes because we recycle!

Our Family are super heroes because we recycle!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

My son came home last week from pre-K, all excited about Earth Day.  When I asked him what is Earth Day, he told me it’s a day to do better for the environment. So we talked about all the things we could do to make the environment and he said our family does a good job.

I was happy to hear him tell me this and that all of the sorting, recycling and picking up of random litter has not been lost on my five year old.  Earth Day is an annual event to bring awareness how we can treat the environment better.

That evening Main Street Pediatric Dentistry, the dental practice we use posted a contest for Earth Day.  I told the kids and they both wanted to participate.  Sean Eddie was excited and said Dr. Penny will love his poster.  I told him I’m sure she will and then he wanted to know what the prizes were.  To which I laughed and said he’d have to wait and see if he wins.

So Sean Eddie kept to his theme of our family being super heroes and drew all of us in masks and capes.  You can see the super powers as Gramma and our dog Aloha are flying around because we are recycling cans.  The only help he had was from big sister Kristen who wrote down the words for him to copy onto his poster.  Pretty impressive if I do say so myself <yep-proud Mama here>.

Kristen's Earth Day poster

Kristen’s Earth Day poster

Kristen, my very artistic child worked on her poster for several days, sketching, then using various media to get just the right colors and feel.  The caption on her poster says:  The Worlds is in our hands, so let’s take good care of it!  It maybe difficult to see from my photo, but the poster depicts two hands holding the earth, with a flower blooming facing the sun. I love it!

My proud artists

My proud artists

I’m so proud of my kids.  They care about the environment and it shows.  Happy Earth Day everyone!  What are you doing to make the environment better?