Field Station Dinosaurs! Its a must see!

April 24, 2013 in Best of Both, education, Family friendly, Family Fun, Kids, Live show, Review by MyBestofBothWorlds

We've arrived

We’ve arrived

Crazy about dinosaurs?  Then you need to make your way to Field Station: Dinosaurs!  Its a must see! My Best of Both Worlds was invited to attend bloggers day at Field Station Dinosaurs.  Once my husband and kids looked the park up on line, it was hard to tell who was more excited about going to see the dinosaurs.

The tag line at the top of their website says nine minutes from Manhattan, ninety million back in time!  Located at One Dinosaur Way in Secaucus, New Jersey there are thirty-one life-sized animatronic dinosaurs dispersed through out the mile long trail that winds through the park.

They aren’t kidding.  We felt like we were transported back into the Jurassic era.  As soon as we arrived, we were given our Commander’s Passports to head out on our dinosaur expedition.

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Sean Eddie even got a special dinosaur stamp on his hand.  His instructions were to stand still and show the stamp to the dinosaur in case they got too loud or if he became scared.

Powerful hand stamp stops the dinosaurs!

Powerful hand stamp stops the dinosaurs!

(This worked like a charm as the grown ups know that the dinosaurs are activated by motion).  Sean Eddie thought his stamp was very powerful!

We thought that the tails of some of these gigantic dinosaurs would knock down the trees that were near them.

passports at the ready to explore

passports at the ready to explore

As you walk through the park, you need to watch your step as you are constantly looking up at these big majestic beasts. Just ask my husband who stubbed his toe!  The park looks like a real camp station, so much so that Sean Eddie remarked that the dinosaurs must have eaten the campers and told one of the friendly staff that he would never camp here overnight!

The 3-D Dinosaurs Alive movie was really fantastic.  Not only did we learn some really cool dinosaur facts, but jumped out of our seats a couple of times.  Then we attended a number of shows in the base camp, the amphitheater and near the quarry.

2013 april 21 027

I think the activity that the kids most enjoyed was the fossil dig site.  While this is recommended for scientists aged three to nine.


The thirteen year olds really enjoyed digging for dino bones and fossils too!

There were lots of games and workshops so the learning was fun and interactive.

The Dino Who Dun-it live show was one of our favorites.  The kids have to try and figure out what killed the dinosaurs.  The kids get to learn all about the theories of dinosaur extinction.  And then T-Rex makes an appreance.

Keeping a close eye on the T-Rex

Keeping a close eye on the T-Rex

Sean Eddie wasn’t fooled, because he said, “Look Mom I see the feet”, but when the T-Rex came over by him, he jumped back.  The imagination is a powerful thing!

Each time you participate in a game, workshop or activity you got to have your passport stamped.  Upon leaving the park, if you completed your expedition, you got a special sticker to prove it.  The staff members were very engaging, friendly and knowledgeable, they made the overall experience even more enjoyable.

If you’ve read this far, you know we had a really great time at Field Station Dinosaurs.  We stayed until the park closed at six o’clock.  Sean Eddie said I should write a blog about it to tell a million people how great this place is!  Out of the mouths of babes.  What more can I say?


Great family fun day!

Great family fun day!

Disclaimer:  My Best of Both Worlds received complementary passes as a result of being invited for bloggers day.  No financial compensation was received in exchange for this publication.  All opinions expressed are true and my own as well as Sean Eddie’s!