Taking a Polar Plunge

March 11, 2013 in Best of Both, College age, paying it forward by MyBestofBothWorlds

Taking a Polar Plunge.  Just typing these words makes me shiver and gives me goose bumps.  My oldest is in college and at the age of majority, therefore I can’t stop her from doing something like this.  As Kaitlyn said to me, it’s on her bucket list. Hello a bucket list at nineteen years old.  Well as she put it, Mom it for a good cause and I always wanted to do this.  Now the good cause I certainly understand.

Kaitlyn a former Girl Scout and Gold Award recipient grew up learning by example and seeing how charity begins at home.  Recently I featured her Uncle Michael Braving A Shave  doing a great deed too.  So doing for others is not a new concept, but really do we have to prove it with a polar plunge???

At first she sent me a picture of the lake that they were doing the polar plunge in–BRRRRRRR!!!!


Polar Plunge-here they go!

My daughter Kaitlyn is in the shorts with blue tank top here on the end of the line.  As they began to run into the water, her flip flop got caught and she took a real plunge, one that she was not expecting and went in the water face first.

Polar Plunge for real

All is well that ends well.  Kaitlyn is pledging for Alpha Sigma Alpha and her pledge class as well as members of the sorority did this polar plunge to raise funds for Cortland United Way, if you’d like to donate you can check out Kaitlyn’s donation page.


Alpha Sigma Alpha with the Polar Bear for the Polar Plunge

While I think it’s bit crazy for all these girls to jump into a freezing icy lake, I’m also a very proud Mom!  These girls are making a difference, helping others while having fun and making fun memories.  I’m sure they are all driving their Moms crazy too!