I Love Adult Only Time!

March 4, 2013 in Adult only time, Best of Both, couples, friendship, Fun, husbands, relationships, relaxation, vacations, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds

Shawn & I

Shawn & I

I LOVE Adult Only Time!  Last Saturday night,  my husband and I enjoyed a real rarity, a  two and a half hour dinner with our friends.  It was a delicious five course dinner filled with rich and flowing conversations that went on and on without potty breaks or any negotiating as to how many more bites are needed to be consumed before dinner can be over.

We were away for the weekend with our friends for our adult only time and boy did we have a great time.  We visited Poconos Palace again as we are part of their Forever Lovers program.  We checked in on Friday afternoon expecting to be in our favorite suite The Garden of Eden Apple Suite, but for some reason it was not available and we upgraded to a Roman Tower Champagne Suite which has four levels.  Yep you’ve seen the commercials on TV, there truly is a seven foot champagne glass whirlpool bath for two and I can attest it is very nice indeed.

We also enjoyed our private heart shaped plunge pool and then on the lowest level the massage table and sauna were great to use as well.  An early breakfast was brought to our suite on Saturday morning and we enjoyed it fireside.  Then we (the girls) were up and out off to a ninety minute massages spa while the guys played the table games at the Mount Airy Casino.  It was great to be so pampered and then to have girl talk uninterupted afterwards was delightful too.

Once we all met up again, Shawn and I decided to hit the outlets-we have a very special girl that is turning nineteen soon. Whoa!! That was tough to write!!  Ahh but that’s another blog post all together.  Afterwards we met all of our friends for cocktails and catch the Triple X game, similar to the newlywed game in that the girls answer questions while the guys were off stage and then vesa versa, but that’s where the resembalance ends if you get my drift.  We laughed so hard by some of the contestants lack of anatomy knowledge that it brought us to tears.

As I already mentioned our lesiurely dinner was a highlight.  We decided to continue the conversation and companionship by heading back to the room to hang out, have a few more adult only beverages and lots and lots and lots of laughs. BEEP BEEP BEEP!! That’s the sound of a bus or truck backing up and it just cracks us all up when someone gets run over during our conversations.

The Girls!

The Guys!

This was our first time away in February as they call it the Month of Love!  Besides the special heart candy decorations all over, there was even a kissing booth set up! So cute!  I hope that if you are looking for a romantic getaway, you will check out the Poconos too.  It was great to recharge with my husband and have some US Adult only time!


Disclaimer:  My Best of Both Worlds received no financial compensation for this blog post.  All opinions expressed are my own and may differ from yours.  However in my opinion a GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!!