Touchdown in Tampa, we have arrived for camp!

February 6, 2013 in Baseball, Best of Both, Fun, Me Time, New York Yankee Fantasy Camp, New York Yankees, vacations, Women's Softball, Work-Life Balance by MyBestofBothWorlds


Touchdown in Tampa, we have arrived for camp!  As we exit a boring flight (my favorite kind) we head off to the baggage claim and  meet other campers-yes that’s right I’m talking about New York Yankee Fantasy Camp AGAIN.  Hey what can I say–this was a big deal for me.  So back to my adventures.  I realize that I have made a rookie mistake, I have not packed my glove and cleats in my carry on bag, but rather checked them.  Oh the worry as we wait for the bags to slowly move around the carousel.  Jenn and Jo said they would NEVER have taken a chance.  Ok, so I think, have I tempted the fates, I’ve never lost my luggage yet ( that sound you hear right about now is me knocking on wood).  As more and more people pick up their suitcases, an icy feeling creeps over me until I see my bright pink and green whale tag that the kids got me coming towards me.  A joyful feeling of relief washes over me.

We grab our bags and head off to the transport area to wait for our hotel bus to come and get us.  Jenn and I are happy about having palm trees in our scenery.  Talk about a small world again, we meet some more campers that play on our Valley Stream league.  Veterans returning and sharing tales of what we are in store for as rookies.  Everyone seems to glaze over as they think back and share their special memory and recount how they felt being in pinstripes walking down the tunnel into the dugout and onto the field.

We arrive at the hotel, of course we hear the rooms aren’t ready, but the camp registration table is set up, so we decide to skip the check in line and register.  We give our names only to open up our packets and find out that Jenn and I are on different teams.  She is on the Bambinos and I’m on the Bats–utter dissappointment–we wanted to be on the same team, how could this happen?

Then I notice that there’s another Kennedy, but I’m Kennedy-Leon and they have us mixed up! YAY! We are both Bambinos!! Gil Patterson is our coach.  And to our great delight and suprise ID badges are included in our packets.

And so it begins-we are officially NY Yankee Fantasy Campers!


We decide to splurg and buy a photo packet of all the greats so we can have them autographed later at the cocktail reception.  Jo finds us in the lobby checking out our pictures and says she wants to introduce us to Mickey Rivers and so it begins…..