New York Yankees Pinstripes

February 20, 2013 in Baseball, Best of Both, Me Time, New York Yankee Fantasy Camp, New York Yankees by MyBestofBothWorlds

NNY locker room sign


There is nothing in the world like getting your own set of New York Yankees Pinstripes.  We knew today was the long-awaited day where we would indeed have our very own set of Pinstripes.  Jenn and I awoke at 5:45 am on Friday morning like two kids on Christmas morning, sans the tree and the gifts.  We were both still floating around on cloud nine after meeting the New York Yankees Greats!  I don’t think our feet had touched the ground the night before.  We rushed around our hotel suite getting ready to head out on the early bus.  There was no time for sleeping in, we wanted our fantasy camp experience to begin as soon as possible.

We boarded the early bus and the excitement kept mounting and mounting.  We heard the returning campers (vets) talking about how much fun they were going to have watching us rookies enter the locker room for the first time and get into our uniform.  After about a ten minute ride, we approached George M. Steinbrenner Field came into view.  There were butterflies in my stomach and that familiar board grin of a smile was plastered across my face.

Fantasy Camp staffers directed us into the stadium and down the breeze-way.  And lo and behold we came across the locker room sign.  We knew we arrived.  I had to take a picture of the sign, I actually felt compelled!

As we walked in the hallway and into the locker room, we were directed by teams to our lockers.  The Bambinos were right up front.  We had been given our locker numbers, but that was of little use after seeing our names and jersey numbers above each of the lockers!  Pure excitement. Pure thrill!


And if you can’t see that my name is on top of the locker, don’t worry you know I took another picture of that too!

yes that's my name on the locker


I don’t want you to think I was the only one taking pictures of these inanimate objects, most of my team mates were as well.  Then it was time to get dressed in our home uniforms.  After we got our uniforms on, we were to report to the photographer who had to take our head shots along with a sign that we held up similar to a mug shot with our full name jersey number and team name.  You had to hold the sign under your face.  This was to ensure that when you got up to bat the announcer Paul Oden, YES THE REAL YANKEES STADIUM ANNOUNCER, Paul Oden got your name and number correct.  This was news to me! I was going to be announced when I was up at the plate, by the same guy who announces Derek Jeter!  OH MY GOODNESS!!  Then the second picture was what was going to be used on the jumbo tron.  Well it is fantasy camp and I was living the dream!  As a matter of fact whenever I tweeted that was my hashtag #livingthedream.


After feeling like a rock star having so many pictures taken, Paul Oden shared that each and every New York Yankee has to do the same thing.  He whipped out his phone and showed us a few of the mug shot pictures!


Off to breakfast and then to the clubhouse meeting for further instructions.  The day is bearly underway and I am loving it!  Every time I think it can’t get any better it does! But thus far having my own set of New York Yankees Pinstripes ROCKS!