Beware! Scammers-they are everywhere!

February 27, 2013 in Best of Both, safety, security by MyBestofBothWorlds

Beware- Scammers they are everywhere!

Beware! Scammers-they are everywhere! I was actually contacted by one this past weekend. While my husband and I were enjoying our Adult Only Time weekend away, I received a blocked call. I usually don’t pick these types of calls up, but being away from the kids, I didn’t want to let it go to voicemail.

Well I was very taken back after saying hello. The caller a male, with a heavy foreign accent informed me that a family member of mine was in a terrible car accident and had given him my number.  I knew this was a scam as I had just read a security bulletin at work describing a situation very similar to this.  So I hung up the phone.  My husband said I should have stayed on the line to see what else the caller was going tell me and “play along” until they asked for money.  Then he got cute by adding that I should have told the caller I didn’t like that relative that much anyway-then hang up.  We did have a laugh over it, but it gave me pause.

The reason I wanted to write about this is that it seems that dangers are lurking everywhere these days and we just need to raise awareness, so no one falls prey to these scammers!  The other alerts in the security bulletin included being more savvy about the way we program our cell phones.  If your phone is lost or stolen, the person in possession of your cell phone may have your spouse’s or family member’s cell phone numbers as many people identify ICE- In Case of Emergency.  Well the alert stated that a text message is sent from the stolen/ lost phone to an ICE contact requesting the pin number or security code.  The recipient of the text sees that the message came from your phone and may provide sensitive information.

The last alert was how thieves were breaking into cars at sporting events to access the GPS and steal the garage door remote.  The savvy thieves see if the GPS is programmed with a “GO HOME” address.  They know how long the sporting event lasts and have a source of entry to your home.  It was recommended to change your home address to one further down the block or on the next street over.  You will know how to GO HOME, but won’t be providing this to would be thieves.

I hope these tips have raised your awareness to beware scammers they are everywhere!